Why hello there! I’m Sarah Elder and this here blog is about my little family, the Elders. Hence the name. Apologies to anyone that stumbled upon Elderland hoping for a geriatric theme park. We’re Elder by name, not by manner, but definitely by wisdom and you should always respect us. Our happy family of four peeps and two weimaraners lives in a small town in central North Carolina called Mebane (pronounced meh-bin, not mee-bain). Our humble abode is a renovated 1928 bungalow on historic Fifth Street surrounded by beautiful old homes and amazing neighbors and friends. We heart Mebane big time because Mebane is a place on Earth, the happiest place on Earth, better than Disneyland, and no matter where you are, Mebane isn’t too far away. And even though we’ve been here for ten years now, sometimes when I stop and look around and take it all in, I turn to Pete and say…I’m finding it hard to believe we’re in Mebane. Catching on yet?

To bring home the bacon, I run a business that provides art and wall decor to the hospitality industry and Pete sells real estate. Outside of the daily grind we thrive on being active and social, and spending oodles of time together. We do our best to make the most of every day and be thankful for all that we have. It’s no great revelation that lIfe is full of challenges and surprises, and it’s how we choose to face and embrace those that makes us who we are. Elderland is just a little bit of the story of us and our life…


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