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I’ve decided I’m going to try food club again. I made the decision (in my head) over holiday break when thinking of ways to improve weekday evenings for this new year. I spent much of 2014 arriving home no earlier than 7 PM, exhausted from the stresses of the work day, and in no shape for doing much of anything that required cerebral function. On such days, I opted to give what little of myself was left to the two or so hours I still had with my kids before they turned in for the night, and so I was largely useless when it came to providing sustenance to the family. Thankfully, Pete stepped up as master chef of Elderland and got us through most nights, but he too had days where making a meal seemed a feat of mental strength. At least once a week, we went college dorm style on dinner, stacking deli meat and cheese on top of pretzel crisps. I’ll admit that I kind of enjoy a snacky dinner every now and then, but cooking and the resulting fare are things we very much enjoy and it saddened me to have so little space for them.

Up until Friday night I hadn’t even told my dear husband, or the fellow food clubbers, that the Elders were rejoining in some capacity. That’s just the kind of girl I am. I make a decision in my nearly never idle brain and then work to be sure all the pieces are in place for executing on that decision before I let anyone else that may be involved know what’s going on. it works well at least 38% of the time. This time my secret was revealed (by me) at dinner Friday evening when the subject of food club came up. “Oh hey, I’d like to participate this weekend. Is that cool with everyone?” I casually inserted into the conversation leaving little room for dispute. Pete maybe would have preferred I discuss it with him before making a public announcement, and I maybe understand his position (sorry, babe!). A mere moment passed before I was added to the text thread, and then it was official…we’d be family number five for this week’s food club.

What does it mean to participate in the Mebane Food Club (Supper Club, Food Exchange, Meal Mix Up, Dinner Deal, Southside Commune {Northsiders permitted}, Yacht Club)? It means we choose a recipe that’s “easy” to make in portion quantity 16 – 20, and then on Sunday, maybe Saturday, but definitely Sunday, we cook like maniacs, portion it out into fours, magically find enough Tupperware to hold said portions, take it to a neighbor’s house (or have them to ours) and trade it for other food while drinking and eating snacks. Got it? Cool.

In other words, we wind up with one family sized portion of our meal as well as that of four other meals made by other members and the fridge is stocked for the week. It means the extent of our cooking upon arriving home from work each weeknight is a few buttons pushed on the microwave and maybe five minutes of bread slicing or salad tossing.

We won’t participate every week, I know that for sure. Part of the reason is that there’s a trade off – the time we’d spend preparing dinner each night is now allotted to a big chunk of at least one weekend day, and if it’s a busy weekend, this may not be feasible (or of interest). I also fancy the idea of having at least a week between where I can try out recipes on us that might be appropriate for food club, and ensure the tastiness and make-ability factors are properly assessed. But even if just once a month, I’m excited to be back in the game – for the experience of mass producing meals, for the camaraderie of the Sunday night exchange, for the benefit to our budgets for both time and money, and for giving me a reason to blog for the FOURTH TIME IN A MONTH!

XO. S.


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  1. Sunshine Dad

    That’s a pretty great idea. Assuming the 4 other people are good cooks and don’t make foods you dislike. I’d spend 2 hours cooking on Sunday if I didn’t have to cook again all week.


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