I pick really good times to attempt family photo shoots. Like that moment mid day, after a somewhat stressful Christmas morning where I maybe lost my shit 5 or 12 times at each member of my family, when the kids have just exhausted themselves opening presents at Grams and Grandma’s, and desperately want to play with each and every new thing as much as possible before the impending nap time that they’re whining their way toward. Perfect! Let’s pull everyone together and smile a lot!

A thousand or so clicks later, and I can’t say any satisfy my unrealistic need for a superior snapshot, but there’s a whole heap of happy and some major cute too.


Crosby and I REEEEEAAALLY like smiling. Smiling’s our favorite.




There, there little screaming manchild. Photo torture is almost over.


Clearly Pete did not read the script noting that we had now reached the mouth half open part of the program.



I call this one “Our Next Holiday Card.”


And for our grand finale, the undisputed champion of the World’s Bitchiest Face Competition!

XO. S.


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