Did you know that my favorite number is five? Well it is. Back in the days of pager codes, mine was 55. Do I have a reason? Maybe because it resembles an S. Maybe not. Simply put, five has fuzzy feelings for me, and many lovely things are associated with it. We live on South Fifth Street in a house we adore and plan to occupy for at least another 15 or 25 years. There are five letters in my name, thanks to that handy little “h” at the end. 5:55 AM is a great time of day because I’m either sleeping or running; 5:55 PM, also rad – either driving home from work, about to drive home from work, or if it’s the weekend, chances are my kids have recently woken up from nap which means I’m coming off of a nice mommy break and ready for snuggles. You might even say that our very long engagement of five years had its place in the cosmic plan of our life.

In 2005, we relocated from the mountains of North Carolina to a tiny town called Carrboro, and so began what I consider to be the establishment of Elderland. While no longer residing in Carrboro today, we’re only a long marathon training run away, and being that my company is based there, I spend nearly as much time Carrboro side as I do in Mebane. On the note of my company, I began my career there in August of 2005 as the part time Gallery Assistant and first official employee of a husband and wife team, and today I’m the COO with 33 coworkers and our very own framing factory opening tomorrow. So 2005 was neat.

Now it’s 2015! And we’re prepared for all sorts of amazing. Life in general has offered us up a million things to be grateful for, but I’m not at all sorry to say goodbye to 2014.  It seemed to be a year of acute stress, onerous challenges, and emotionally exhausting transitions, not just for me, but for many people I love and care for, so for all of us, I say good riddance. I considered writing at length about the various reasons that I’m personally pleased to see a new year, but opted against as I’ve already spent countless hours worrying, whining, and woeing over those reasons, and I aim to move on. Right now. I also aim, as part of my exuberant efforts to make the most of this fabulous year of five, to obliterate negativity from my life. And while there are forces outside of my control that I can only hope to escape the tangles of, above all, this starts with me.

One positive I can offer about this past year is that it didn’t for a minute lack in the adventure department for the NC Elders; a trend I intend to keep going and then some forever and ever and ever. We’re pretty awesome at keeping things interesting, and I will try my darndest to be much better about documenting those adventures here on the blog for the next 12 months. It’s not as though there’s no record anywhere of the life we lived in 2014 – Instagram is my favorite, almost an obsession at times – but writing captures more of the memories and does wonders for my soul. It’s how I create, express, share, and one way that I give back to me. So I will try, and be proud when I succeed.

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time in 2015. Tomorrow is January 5th. 1/5/15. That’s gotta be a good sign. Here’s to a good year!

And then there’s this… after a splendidly calm and cozy family friendly NYE with our good friends, the final Elder family photo of 2014. Plus one dog. 



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