Sitting in the dark in Norah’s room on her bed, doing the usual routine of talking and story telling and singing and water sipping and whatever else she can come up with to delay us leaving and her going to sleep…

Me: You’re going to be four tomorrow! What the what?! How is that even possible? How did that happen?

N: I’m growing. I’m going to be a grown up. I’m going to keep growing and growing and growing, and have lots and lots and lots and lots of birthdays with CAKE! SO MUCH CAKE! And cake and cake and cake and CAKE. (pause) But first we have to eat dinner.

A confident, headstrong, goal driven girl with a wee bit of a crazy side tempered by a sensibility toward structure? You’d think I trained her.

PS Six months ago a cake the size of Manhattan wouldn’t have been enough to get this girl to wear a shirt with sleeves above her elbows let alone a skirt and heels. My, my how the times have changed. Thanks Auntie C!


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