Monthly Archives: August 2013

norah says…

Ever since she began speaking in complete sentences, one of Norah’s most oft uttered phrases has been “get my boogies out.” The girl has some serious OCD issues with mucus. At times it makes sense i.e. when she’s sick and legitimately has a fountain of snot pouring from her nose. On other occasions I swear the skies are clear for a mile and she still obsesses over having her sniffer swiped. The sporadic request for boogie excavation is not too bothersome, but the instances like the past couple days where the demand is uttered nearly once a minute and typically in an ear damaging whine are maddening to the point of me wanting to scream expletives into the ether and punch walls. After a threat to get the snot sucker if she doesn’t blow her nose, this situation usually ends in tears (sometimes mine) and never actually accomplishes any sort of satisfactory snot removal. And on top of all this, she has upped the ante on her neurotic nose needs by requiring a moist baby wipe for the procedure – no dry tissue will suffice.

While using the potty in the bathroom where I was getting ready recently, Norah made her favorite request…

N: I’ve got boogies, please get my boogies out.

M: I can’t right now, I’m busy and I’ve got things to do.

N: I’ve got things to do!!

M: Like what?

N: Like getting my boogies out!

And then tonight, after I recovered a stack of 7-8 dry wipes that had clearly served their purpose prior to being strewn about the floor, bed and chair in her room…

M: Norah, why do you waste so many wipes?

N: Because sometimes I just need a lot of wipes. Because I’m a wipe waster.

That’s my girl!