Every day Norah impresses us with how well she can speak. We can carry on an entirely coherent adult style conversation with her about pretty much anything and her ability to understand a concept and reiterate it later or apply it elsewhere is sometimes mind blowing. It’s also ridiculously funny (at least to us) when a three year old (okay, three in 11 days) says certain things that exhibit how she is interpreting something you said and storing it in her little brain box of world knowledge. Such as today when I was about to leave her room after tucking her in for a nap:

N: Mommy, let me tell you something.
Me: Okay?
N: Can you lay down for a second so I can tell you? (nap time stall tactic).
Me: I’ll sit for just a second. (sucker)
N: Okay, um…sometimes…people buy pants, because…maybe they don’t have a lot of pants.
Me, giggling: That’s right honey, have a nice nap.

Context: earlier when discussing going to Target she asked if she could get some new pants and I said no because she has plenty of pants.

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