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I started a tumblr. I’m still not quite sure why other than as a means to achieve absolute omiwebence. Clearly not a real word, but it’s the best made-up one my mind could conjure on short notice. Omniwebence, a hybrid of interweb and omnipresence, is best achieved through social media, and being that I regularly blow up Facebook and Twitter with my Instagram photos, sporadically pin recipes and such to my Pinterest, and at least somewhat frequently write a lengthy blog post here on WordPress, the only logical next step was a tumblr blog.

Q: What will your tumblr blog be used for?

A: See post one.

Q: Why do your Instagram photos need another avenue of exposure?

A: Have you seen my Instargram photos? If no, then that’s why. If yes, then that’s why. Think about it.

Q: Why not just post the stuff from tumblr to this blog?

A: Hmmm…

That last one could actually lead to the abolishment of my tumblr blog. I’ve yet to pinpoint a clearly defined reason for having both, but somewhat vaguely I just see them as different. WordPress feels like a place for written expression accompanied by the occasional photo. Tumblr feels like a place for visual expression accompanied by the occasional blurb of text. Plus, my Tumblr theme looks prettier for my snappies than anything I’ve found on WordPress so far. And then there’s the fact that some folks get an email every time I post to WordPress so sharing my Instas here would mean you 10 or so people that fall into this category (SO popular) would eventually be cursing your inbox. Twitter makes me happy because it’s brief, it can be interesting, I’ve met some rad people there, and it’s cleaner than Facebook. Facebook is annoying, increasingly so, but I keep it around because I’ve got lots of family that will never tweet a day in their lives but maintain a Facebook page and I’d like to keep up with them. Instagram will forever be an addiction. And this blog will remain a place where I can ramble on for paragraphs about whatever’s going on in our lives.

So here it is! The Elderworld Tumblr. And guess what else? There’s an RSS feed in the right hand column to make it super duper easy to find and visit whenever you’re stopping by Elderland. You’re welcome.


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