we laugh


Having an almost three year old is an incredibly emotional experience that truly runs the gamut from vein throbbing anxiety and anger to heart melting pride and happiness. Somewhere in between there is absolute hilarity and even though in writing these moments won’t be nearly as funny to you as they were to us, when I look back in 5 years and read this I’m sure I’ll crack up all over again.

For the past several months Norah has been a champion potty pooper. As she has become more accustomed to number two in the loo she has also picked up on some practices that go along with it. Recently after a particularly robust movement on her part, she pulled up her pants, flushed the toilet, lifted the lid to be sure it was gone (this is her routine) and upon seeing some leftovers said “ohhh, that’s a double flush.”

Our bed time routine with Norah involves playing in her room for a bit, brushing her teeth, putting on her nighttime diaper, reading stories and alternating nights where one of us stays for a couple minutes after the light is turned off to sing or talk to her. Guess which one of these things would have the most negative outcome should it be forgotten? And guess which one we have forgotten a time or two recently? This past week when that happened, about five minutes after we’d both left her room, Norah came to the gate at her door and hollered into the hallway “hey! somebody needs to put a diaper on me!” It’s good that at least one person around here knows what’s going on.

Back on the poop train–being the typical toddler that she is, Norah soaks up every little thing that we say and often repeats random things that we’d never have thought she’d pick up on. After a recent nap I got her up and took her to our room to change her out of her diaper and into panties, and upon setting her on the bed she exclaimed that something was stinky. I proceeded to tell her that daddy had been tooting (sorry Pete) to which she knowingly replied, with big eyes and a nodding head, “daddy needs to go poop, can I go tell him he needs to go poop?” Yes. Yes you can.

And finally…Tonight around 8 PM Crosby finished up his bedtime bottle and I got him ready to go in and say good night to Pete and Norah who were hanging out in the bathroom after Norah had used the potty (there’s some sort of theme here). I lifted Crosby up to Pete’s face so he could say good night and give him lots of kisses on his puffy cheeks. Norah enthusiastically requested to say good night too and I leaned Crosby down to her so she could kiss his head. Then I said one more good night from Crosby to the fam and turned to leave to take him to his crib and Norah hollered at me “good luck!”

It’s like she knows.


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