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secret weekend

A week or so ago I was out for a drink with friends at a bar near the office and a couple walked in with their two children – a boy about 4 and a girl about 2. Now to be clear, we were at a bar, not at the bar at a restaurant, an actual bar with pool tables and such. And despite the fact that I’ve now been a parent for nearly three years, but perhaps more so because of it, I found it a little odd for this couple to have their two youngins’ in tow. That said, it quickly became apparent that they desperately needed a drink and that any thoughts about the appropriateness of bringing their children to such an establishment were rendered irrelevant by that need. The kids were loud and climbing on things and the parents were stressed and exasperated and then this happened…the mom was walking past our table with one of the two children at her side and she looked over at us forlornly and said “I wish I was out with the girls. I love my kids, but I just need a break.”

Never in my life have I had a complete stranger be so open about the fact that she just needed to get the fuck away from her children for a bit. It was kind of amazing and definitely surprising. I quickly empathized by saying something like “I totally understand and am going home to my two in a bit!” which made her half smile. Later that night I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post by my dear coworker (and fellow mom) showing a photo of her and her hubs smiling gleefully with the caption “One week before Beau was born. Looking very innocent and so well rested.” It seriously simulated a scene you’d see in a comedic movie or tv show right before it broke to two weeks later with both parents looking disgusting and haggard, a baby screaming in their arms, and them arguing with each other about something stupid like who got less sleep the night before. It was the kind of post where your initial reaction is to laugh out loud and then as your brain begins to process it you start to think about how exhausted you are from all things parenting and your audible laughter is silenced by your realization that life is officially crazy.

I wonder how many times a week the average parent begins a sentence with “I love my kids, but…” I’d put money on a lot. Because we do love our kids, but we also do need breaks to maintain some semblance of sanity. And it’s so super duper important that those breaks sometimes occur with each other, as in both parents breaking at the same time together, because we all know that one of the greatest challenges of being a parent of young kids is making sure your marriage or relationship isn’t relegated to roommate status for lack of quality togetherness. Which brings me to my whole point for writing this post! SECRET WEEKEND!

For Mother’s Day weekend this year, Pete planned an overnight trip for he and I ONLY and it was all a complete surprise for me. I knew we were going somewhere, I just didn’t know where or how or to do what. I love surprises and getting away and hanging out with Pete, so I was psyched.

He told me we needed to be on the road by 7 AM sharp because we had a couple stops to make on the way and there was a schedule to stick to. I was so intrigued. Off we went down the highway a handful of exits, and then got off! We’re going to Burlington? I thought to myself, losing some of my excitement (sorry Burlington). We pulled up at the Company Shops Station, a large brick building that I was unfamiliar with, and Pete told me something was going on there that morning. What on earth is he dragging me to at 7:15 AM in Burlington? Some kind of flea market? I guess that’s cool? We park the car and he takes out this top secret purple folder with papers in it and we head to the door. Once inside, I very quickly realize that we’re at a train station which is aided by the fact that it’s National Train Day (total coincidence) and there are model trains and train info and all kinds of trainy type things all around. We were headed to Charlotte by Amtrak!

The train ride was super cool and something we’d never done together before. Once in Charlotte, we went to an art museum, had a delicious alfresco lunch, saw a badass show at the theater, went to a couple bars in NoDa, slept fairly well, had a lovely brunch and then took the train back home. Apparently this is what people with no kids, lots of discretionary income and abundant free time do. I like it! But I love my kids! Pete did such an awesome job planning the trip – it was perfect and I love him dearly for being an amazing, thoughtful husband.

That’s it for solo trips for us until the big one in September…SCOTLAND! FUCKYEAH!

Some instas from the secret weekend can be found over at Elderworld (scroll a bit). Buh-bi.


elderland elsewhere

I started a tumblr. I’m still not quite sure why other than as a means to achieve absolute omiwebence. Clearly not a real word, but it’s the best made-up one my mind could conjure on short notice. Omniwebence, a hybrid of interweb and omnipresence, is best achieved through social media, and being that I regularly blow up Facebook and Twitter with my Instagram photos, sporadically pin recipes and such to my Pinterest, and at least somewhat frequently write a lengthy blog post here on WordPress, the only logical next step was a tumblr blog.

Q: What will your tumblr blog be used for?

A: See post one.

Q: Why do your Instagram photos need another avenue of exposure?

A: Have you seen my Instargram photos? If no, then that’s why. If yes, then that’s why. Think about it.

Q: Why not just post the stuff from tumblr to this blog?

A: Hmmm…

That last one could actually lead to the abolishment of my tumblr blog. I’ve yet to pinpoint a clearly defined reason for having both, but somewhat vaguely I just see them as different. WordPress feels like a place for written expression accompanied by the occasional photo. Tumblr feels like a place for visual expression accompanied by the occasional blurb of text. Plus, my Tumblr theme looks prettier for my snappies than anything I’ve found on WordPress so far. And then there’s the fact that some folks get an email every time I post to WordPress so sharing my Instas here would mean you 10 or so people that fall into this category (SO popular) would eventually be cursing your inbox. Twitter makes me happy because it’s brief, it can be interesting, I’ve met some rad people there, and it’s cleaner than Facebook. Facebook is annoying, increasingly so, but I keep it around because I’ve got lots of family that will never tweet a day in their lives but maintain a Facebook page and I’d like to keep up with them. Instagram will forever be an addiction. And this blog will remain a place where I can ramble on for paragraphs about whatever’s going on in our lives.

So here it is! The Elderworld Tumblr. And guess what else? There’s an RSS feed in the right hand column to make it super duper easy to find and visit whenever you’re stopping by Elderland. You’re welcome.

we laugh


Having an almost three year old is an incredibly emotional experience that truly runs the gamut from vein throbbing anxiety and anger to heart melting pride and happiness. Somewhere in between there is absolute hilarity and even though in writing these moments won’t be nearly as funny to you as they were to us, when I look back in 5 years and read this I’m sure I’ll crack up all over again.

For the past several months Norah has been a champion potty pooper. As she has become more accustomed to number two in the loo she has also picked up on some practices that go along with it. Recently after a particularly robust movement on her part, she pulled up her pants, flushed the toilet, lifted the lid to be sure it was gone (this is her routine) and upon seeing some leftovers said “ohhh, that’s a double flush.”

Our bed time routine with Norah involves playing in her room for a bit, brushing her teeth, putting on her nighttime diaper, reading stories and alternating nights where one of us stays for a couple minutes after the light is turned off to sing or talk to her. Guess which one of these things would have the most negative outcome should it be forgotten? And guess which one we have forgotten a time or two recently? This past week when that happened, about five minutes after we’d both left her room, Norah came to the gate at her door and hollered into the hallway “hey! somebody needs to put a diaper on me!” It’s good that at least one person around here knows what’s going on.

Back on the poop train–being the typical toddler that she is, Norah soaks up every little thing that we say and often repeats random things that we’d never have thought she’d pick up on. After a recent nap I got her up and took her to our room to change her out of her diaper and into panties, and upon setting her on the bed she exclaimed that something was stinky. I proceeded to tell her that daddy had been tooting (sorry Pete) to which she knowingly replied, with big eyes and a nodding head, “daddy needs to go poop, can I go tell him he needs to go poop?” Yes. Yes you can.

And finally…Tonight around 8 PM Crosby finished up his bedtime bottle and I got him ready to go in and say good night to Pete and Norah who were hanging out in the bathroom after Norah had used the potty (there’s some sort of theme here). I lifted Crosby up to Pete’s face so he could say good night and give him lots of kisses on his puffy cheeks. Norah enthusiastically requested to say good night too and I leaned Crosby down to her so she could kiss his head. Then I said one more good night from Crosby to the fam and turned to leave to take him to his crib and Norah hollered at me “good luck!”

It’s like she knows.