Remember Hats? It was a happy little post I wrote in mid February of 2012 about Norah’s smile inducing infatuation with any number of noggin toppers she could get her hands on, and it went live on Elderland almost exactly three weeks shy of one year ago. In honor of this hattiversary, though at the time we were unaware of such significance, over the weekend Norah once again pointed up to the bin in our closet that houses a collection of rarely worn hats and requested, this time with a much more refined vocabulary, that I bring the bin down for her perusal. After taking every hat out and asking me what each said on it, she ultimately selected, once again, the brazenly bright blue and red beanie. She put it on and proceeded about her morning business of playing, and only a few minutes passed before my déjà vu set in. Of course I immediately grabbed the camera (yes a REAL camera, not just my iPhone) because even though I still wasn’t aware of just exactly how much time had passed since the previous version of this scene, I knew it was quite a bit and I knew I’d have fun comparing the two sets of snappies. Norah still loves hats, but these days she tends not to wear them for long which I think is attributable to some weird gene she inherited from someone definitely not me where she is never cold. Thankfully on Sunday she humored me enough to wear this hat for at least 10 minutes which was adequate time to chase her around and capture these…

spider ring found!

spider ring found!


ohhh, spider ring crazy eyes.


still a frozen tundra out there?


spider ring hindering bike riding.


annnd, the hat is coming off.

Elderland out. XO.

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