Monthly Archives: November 2012

4.5 months

Our little buds is nearing five months old! At the ripe old age of 20 weeks, Crosby is settling in just fine to life as the youngest Elder and might even be the happiest baby on Earth (there’s no way to really test that so we’ll just go with it). He’s full of smiles and giggles at almost every waking moment, with the exception of four situations: 1) he’s hungry, 2) he needs his diaper changed, 3) he’s tired or 4) his big sister has just hit/kicked/kneed/slapped/elbowed him. Yes, the sibling rivalry is already in full force, at least from Norah’s side of things, and time-out is becoming a frequent and unpopular event in our household. I swear she loves him and will have a blast when the day comes that he’s actually able to “play” with her, but she’s nearly 2 and he takes away from her attention and that equates to an occasional palm to the forehead or foot in the side. Needless to say, the two of them are rarely left alone together. He on the other hand is gaga for Norah, watches everything she does whenever he can and delights in her silliness be it jumping on the bed or dancing around him in his exersaucer. She does get quite the kick out of him laughing at her and obligingly continues with whatever action it is that happens to be eliciting his giggles in that moment. I see many years of both rock solid friendship and balls out battles in our future, and I’m ready (maybe?) for both.

Crosby is an easy baby, at least we think so, but our sample size is two so we’re not exactly statistically sound. But then again does it matter what anyone else thinks besides us when it comes to our kid? Thank god not or we’d be a hot mess worrying about what judgments the rest of the world is passing on us. Parenting is one of those things in life where you know for absolute certain that someone (and likely lots of someones) is going to judge you or scoff at you or just plain wonder what the hell you are doing on a regular basis. And ironically enough the people that are most likely to do any of the above are the ones without kids. I will step forth and admit that BC (before children, of course) I questioned all sorts of things that my friends and family did with their youngins because I had no freakin’ clue what it was like to be a mom and now that I’m in it neck deep I take at least half of those back. Some of them I still wonder about, but I’ll keep those to myself. So to us, Crosby is easy, and I think we’ll keep him.

He’s a decent sleeper. I actually believe he’d be an even better sleeper but for a couple setbacks we’ve had with him getting sick. Poor kid has had an ear infection, some terrible congestion, fevers, snot rivers, phlegm for days and days, and a couple bouts of thrush, some of which I blame on him being exposed to whatever Norah brings home from the germ factory that is preschool. When you can’t breathe and you’re hacking like an 80 year old man and it hurts to drink from your bottle, a nice, sound sleep is pretty far from possible. We’re currently finishing up his meds for the latest thrush attack and all the other sickies are gone, so I feel we’re back on track with getting him to sleep through the night. Last night for example, he went down around 8:15, woke close to 4 at which point I got him back to sleep with a pacy and comforting, and finally got up at 6:30-ish to eat and be changed. I’m definitely gearing up for some cry-it-out drama, which seemed to work for Norah who has been a fabulous sleeper for quite some time. Of course there are all those little things coming that take a well sleeping baby and turn him into a night terror, like teething and sleep regressions, so we’ll just hang on for dear life as we always do and plan to get consistent, good rest again in 18 or so years.

He started rolling over from back to belly a few weeks ago and is a regular pro at it now, and he makes all kinds of adorable noises and even blows the occasional raspberry. He eats like a champ and I’m already jonesin’ to introduce some “solids”, but our ped suggested we wait until at least 5 months, so I’ll hold out for a couple more weeks before I start shoving a spoon full of mush in his mouth. He’s quite the little chunk as it is with gush worthy Michelin Man thighs and arms–I loves me a chubby baby! At his four month checkup he weighed 17 lbs 7 oz and measured 26.75″ in length, putting him in the 90-something percentile for height and weight. For head circumference he was in the 65th percentile so it looks like he might have avoided the monster noggin gene from my side (Norah I suspect will not be so lucky). All in all he is doing super great and we’re beyond lucky to have such a wonderful, healthy, happy little family!

Elderland out. XO.