Monthly Archives: August 2012

the big two

On July 10th our little bear turned two! (can we say overdue post?) One big bonus of having the kids be almost exactly two years apart is that Norah’s birthday came soon after Crosby joined our clan and was an excellent opportunity to shower her with attention in a time of major change and adjustment. And boy was it a long shower – it seemed like every day for at least a week Norah had a present to open from our friends and family and she loved every minute of it. She was also kind enough to open Crosby’s presents for him so needless to say there was a veritable deluge of spoiling happening here in Elderland.

On the day of Norah’s birthday we four (FOUR! so cool) celebrated with a full day of fun. First thing in the morning Pete ran out to grab a couple balloons to greet her with when she woke up. Norah loves balloons, but what self respecting toddler doesn’t? Our local grocery store had the perfect combo of helium filled Elmo with a birthday hat and Tigger on a stick. Balloons presented and birthday song sung, with smiles galore we headed to the kitchen for a birthday breakfast – pancakes of course. Bellies full, we packed up our stuff for the first ever Elder family of four (FOUR! can you believe it?) outing – a trip to the Triangle Sportsplex for toddle tumble. Running, jumping, swinging, climbing and a little circle session of animal aping sapped her energy (Crosby slept) so it was home for lunch and nap. After nap we took the family out again to what we refer to as the “special place” – Mebane’s very own brand new froyo shop called Icy Sweets. Having this special place be barely more than a mile away is awesome and dangerous all at the same time, and my sometimes third child Pete has been begging to go more than the toddler who forgets its existence until we talk about it. So all four of us (foooooooooouurrr!) hung out at Icy Sweets and three of us enjoyed some frozen candy topped happiness (sorry Crosby, your day will come).

For birthday celebration number two we spent the next day at Grams and Grandma’s house, kicking things off with a cupcake baking bash. Norah was a super little helper and only tried to eat the batter 20 or so times. We do our best to keep her sugar consumption to a minimum but it doesn’t take but a few exposures to sweets to get a toddler hooked for life and Norah knows her sweets. She can spot a dessert from a mile away – somehow she just knows when the container or plate on the counter houses something special, and she simply and calmly states “I want some of that.” We typically don’t give in, but I have to admit, it’s fun when we do. I get quite a bit of enjoyment out of watching her face light up when she’s shoveling in some sugary goodness. After her nap the cupcakes were ready and we strapped her into the highchair for year two of obligatory chocolate face. Then it was time for more presents! The stars of the show this year? An all terrain radio flyer wagon and a little wooden kitchen set complete with wooden food. Norah is pleased as punch with all her new goodies and sends a super big thanks to everyone that helped make her second birthday amazing and wonderful!


Elderland out. XO.