38 weeks

Dear Crosby –

This Monday we hit 38 weeks! That means Mama is officially full term which really just means that we’re in the safest zone possible for your birth. Today is June 27th – we’re just 13 days away from the due date and hopefully less than that from your actual arrival! Of course there’s no way to know when labor will start until it starts, but there have definitely been some changes happening in Mama that lead us to believe that it will start soon. Things like increased bladder pressure, some (what Mama believes to be) Braxton Hicks contractions,  other random aches and pains in the abdomen and back, and even a tiny bit of weight loss. Tomorrow Mama goes to her appointment with the midwives and they will likely do a little checky-poo to see if she’s dilated at all. Even though she’s gone through this before, it’s hard to remember exactly what it was like and so every little movement, tweak, pain, and change makes Mama think something is about to go down. She just keeps reminding herself to be patient, it will happen when it happens, and until then, just hang in there!

Speaking of hanging in there, this weekend the temps are going to hit 100 for the first time this summer. Yikes. Nothing amplifies the discomfort of being 9 months pregnant like crazy heat and humidity. Needless to say, if she’s still pregnant, Mama will be spending her days indoors. On the other hand, maybe a walk in the blistering heat might help to spur this whole labor thing. Hmm….

Daddy has been crazy busy with real estate and Mama is still going to work every day. We’re just going about life as usual waiting for you. We’ve got our hospital bag packed and the infant car seat installed. Norah is very excited about your car seat and chatting non stop about it – Crosby’s seat! Crosby come soon! Crosby seat in car! See it! She might be as anxious as we are for your arrival even though she still doesn’t really know what that means. All in all, things are as they should be and now we just wait.

So excited. So anxious. So curious. So happy. Come on Crosby!!




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