father’s day

This is Pete’s second official Father’s Day and boy does he love being a daddy! Add to the general joy of being appreciated as a dad that we’re just three weeks (or less, come on less!) from being the parents of TWO awesome little beings and I’d say you don’t need much else to make this Father’s Day a hit. But of course we wouldn’t just sit back and do nothing for Pete – how rude that would be. So this is how we spent our Sunday…

Pete is the breakfast guru around here. We’re both pretty swell at cooking the later day meals, but I almost never make breakfast because he’s just so good at it. I mean, sure, anyone can fry a piece of bacon or scramble up some eggs, but his eggs are just better than mine and he can bake a mean biscuit and whip up some seriously scrumptious pancakes – banana, chocolate chip, blueberry, maybe even all of the above. But not today! I made breakfast today and I’ll go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for some fandamntastic buttermilk French toast.

After breakfast we all went up to the sunroom to open Pete’s present. We’re typically not big present exchangers but Pete has been working so hard lately and of course he’s got a big job ahead of him helping to take care of all of us after Crosby is born, so I wanted to spoil him a little bit. As I’ve mentioned before, he might just be a little tiny bit obsessed with backpacking/camping/hiking, and he’d been talking about this tarp he wanted ever since he and his buddy got back from their trip to Appalachian Mountains last month. I kept saying no, we shouldn’t get it, we shouldn’t spend the money right now, you just got a new tent, let’s wait awhile, and he wanted to tarp it up so badly that he was looking into how to make one. So I got it for him. Norah helped him open it. It had bubble wrap in the box. So she got a present too.

Next up on the agenda – a trip to Target! Because who doesn’t love Target? Our main purpose in going was to get another crib mattress because sometime soon we’ll attempt to transition Norah to a toddler bed and it uses the same type of mattress that her crib does, but of course her crib will ultimately become Crosby’s (so many changes!). But we all know you can’t just get one thing when you go to Target. So aside from some Chobani yogurt which happened to be cheap as crap and happens to be one of Norah’s favorite things to eat, we also got a shirt for Norah and a shirt for Pete. They were both VERY good deals, duh. Oh and Norah donned a straw fedora just long enough for me to snap a photo.

We wrapped up our day with dinner at our friends’ house – us Elders, the hosts and our other friends who are due to have their first baby in November. We had a delicious dinner, some wonderful conversation and just a really happy end to a really happy day.

Happy Father’s Day to all our Daddy friends and family!

Elderland out. XO.


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