36 weeks

(Snappy from 35 weeks)

Dear Crosby,

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, we’re less than four weeks away from your official due date! We can hardly believe it and we’re getting SO EXCITED! Our prediction is that you’ll arrive about a week early, but we’ll just have to wait and see. We’re as ready as we can be and just crazy curious about how everything is going to go down. When will Mama go into labor? Will she be at work or home or maybe somewhere else entirely like the grocery store (weird)? Will it be early in the morning like with Norah or maybe at night while sitting in bed watching a movie? Will it feel the same? Will it be faster? How big will you be? And then of course there’s all the wonder about what you’ll be like as a little baby. The anticipation is killing us. So many things to find out! Whatever happens the only thing that matters is that you and Mama are healthy and all goes smoothly with the delivery. Eeeeeep! So soon!

Mama heads back to the doc this Friday for her next checkup. This time they’ll do a test for Group B Strep – routine prenatal stuff – and then her appointments will be every week until your birthday. Mama has all around slowed down quite a lot, and even walking has become somewhat uncomfortable for her, but she’s hanging in there. Getting to sleep has also become a bit of a challenge as she stuggles to find an agreeable position, which just seems a mite unfair since in less than a month we’re heading into the pits of sleep deprivation, but so it is! It’s all worth it. Every day Norah makes us grateful to simply be alive and squeezes every ounce of love out of our beings, so we can only imagine how amazing it’s going to be to have two little ones! And crazy and exhausting and difficult, but mostly just amazing.

One last little note before we sign off this time…we’ve been talking about your name and have decided to change the middle name from Liam to William. William is of course Daddy’s first name and also his grandfather’s name, so Liam was our version of it, but after much consideration we are keeping it full length. We hope you like it :).




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