32 weeks


(Snappies from 31 weeks, on our beach trip)

Dear Crosby –

Holy shnikeys are we getting close! Less than two months away from Crosby in the real world. It can’t come fast enough in Mama’s opinion – she’s pretty much over this being pregnant business. But eight weeks is hardly any time when you consider she’s already made it through 32, so she’ll do her best to be patient and keep busy to help distract her from the daily discomforts of gestation. She’s already up more pounds than her total gain with your big sister, a point that the midwife didn’t hesitate to show concern over at her last appointment. Whattaya gonna do? She does her best to stay active with daily walks and some light strength training, and though there is the occasional dietary splurge on sweet treats, moderation is in place. Many women in Mama’s family laugh in the face of that 25 – 35 lb “normal” range of weight gain, and considering that Norah was just shy of 8 lbs at birth (totally average) and Mama was able to lose all her preggy weight in less than six months, the midwives can take their concern and  do you know what with it (you actually don’t know what, since you’re a baby and all, but you will someday).

Aside from her bigness, all seems to be peachy with the pregnancy. The next check up is two days away, and after that the appointments will be two weeks apart instead of four. As you know, the official due date is July 9th, the day before Norah’s second birthday. Norah was six days early and with as big as Mama is and the notes from her ultrasound that you too measured a bit above average, we’re placing our bets on an early arrival for you as well. Maybe you’ll be an Independence Day baby! Or born in June! Only time will tell, but whatever the day, the most important thing is that all goes smoothly and you are healthy. Just try not to be 10 lbs, okay? Mama’s maybe just a tiny bit freaked out about that prospect.

Over the weekend Mama and Daddy went on their babymoon – a getaway for just the two of us to get in a little quality time and relaxation before we dive head first into the deep end of newborndom. We’ll post more about that separately, but that was it for our pre-baby travel. We’re staying close to home (and the hospital) from here on out and not risking long distance labor. In a few weeks we’ll attend “Meet the Midwives” at UNC to get reacquainted with where all the excitement will go down, and then maybe start thinking about packing that all important bag, and talking out a flexible, informal birth plan.  Step one: go to the hospital. Step two: give birth. That should cover it ;). But really, we have a few things we need to make a final decision on like, dun dun dun, circumcision! Yay!

Keep growing, little man. But not too big. We love you soooooooooo much!




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