crazy may

This is definitely one of those months. The kind where every weekend is full of activity and adventure and life just spins along like a whirling dervish stopping for nothing and gaining speed. And it’s only the 8th! So much more to come. This is good though. I’m happy about it. At 31 weeks and counting I need to be occupied to help keep my mind off of how pregnant (read: big, hot, tired, uncomfortable) I am. Plus better this month than next, because next I imagine I’m not going to want to do much of anything other than complain. So much fun for Pete!

Technically the fun kicked off the last weekend of April. For the first time in our 7 years of living here in Central North Carolina we took part in the Piedmont Farm Tour. One of our good pals organized a group to spend Sunday afternoon touring four of the 40 or so farms on the map. Being that the tour is only two days and open for four hours each day, I don’t think it would actually be possible to see all of the farms, but also totally not necessary. We selected four in our area and that was perfect. Norah came along for the first and then went to Grams and Grandma’s for a nap so we could continue the tour, finishing up with a farm fresh dinner at our friend’s house. Supporting local farms, learning about their practices, checking out some seriously awesome animals (Norah’s favorite part) and spending time with best pals…fantastic!


Then came the first week of May at work. Our west coast Account Director was in the office (from Palm Springs) so of course there were more meetings than usual, and on top of that we have two folks leaving the company over the next couple months, so I had interviews and hiring decisions to attend to. Lastly, it was the first of three four-day work weeks in a row (I know, poor me) so there was as much to get done in less time than usual. But all of that went swimmingly – we made three new hires all of whom are starting this month and I got all my work done – and then on Friday morning it was off to the beach, huzzah!

Us Elders and my mom headed to Emerald Isle for two days of coastal fun, and Norah’s first trip to the ocean. Emerald Isle is the beach town on the North Carolina coast where Pete and I got married in September of 2006, so clearly it means a lot to us and was the perfect place to introduce Norah to the surf and sand. Pete found us a charming three bedroom condo (cheap!!) in a complex with a couple pools and a boardwalk down to the beach. We were only there for two days, but it was the perfect amount of time to enjoy some primo weather and partake in all sorts of seaside merriment – swimming, sunbathing, playing in the sand, kite flying, Norah floating around in her new inflatable pink “boat,” kayaking, beach walking, a visit to the NC aquarium, a stop by the beach house where we got married, some lunch at the Big Oak Drive In (that catered our wedding, YUM), cooking seafood and somehow among all of that, even a little bit of relaxing. And what’s more, simply seeing the smile on Norah’s face  through all of this made it 10 million times more enjoyable. As if having kids wasn’t already the bees knees, I’ve started to realize just how much better everything is when you experience it with your youngin’.


This weekend we head to Charlottesville, VA for our babymoon and later this month we go to a wedding and a pig pickin’ all in the same weekend! More to come on all of that.

Elderland out. XO.

PS More beach snappies to come soon too, once I get them off the Pentax.


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