Despite our best efforts to impress upon her the benefits and wonders of television and instill in her a love for its mindless entertainment, Norah has yet to become much of a boob tube baby. Clearly I jest.  We almost never have the TV on around Norah, and most certainly aren’t now nor will we ever try to force her to watch it. There’s the occasional sports match broadcasting in the background of our daily bustle and she does know how to turn on the TV in our bedroom, but that’s more about the fun of pushing buttons than actually watching anything. I gather she has a few favorite fun kids’ programs that she’ll watch a bit of at Grams and Grandma’s house, but any time I’ve tried to put something on for her she loses interest in a matter of minutes. Which is great! She’s got years upon years to burn brain cells staring into the screen, so I have no desire or reason to get her started now. All of that said, she does enjoy a good internet vid – preferably short and involving some sort of muppet, animal, music, train or all of the above. Last week she was sitting in her kitchen chair and for some reason I decided to play for her this video called “Birds” by digital artists Pleix. Slow motion flying dogs + neon  lasers + head bopping electronica = one mesmerized toddler. “More?! More?!” It took me a minute to realize what she was asking for when at breakfast this morning she repeatedly pleaded “doggies? doggies?” Jake and Graycie are right here, I told her. No no. This particular petition was for her new favorite video. And now you must watch.

Elderland out. XO.


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