surprise shower

For my first pregnancy I wanted to go all out with the baby shower and requested that my mom and friends involved in planning put together a baby beer bbq bash–lots of people of all ages and gender, lots of food and lots of booze. They did a super awesome job and I loved everything about it. This time around I hadn’t really planned on doing anything. No offense to Crosby, but I just didn’t feel it was necessary to have another large celebration and I’ve never been a big fan of the traditional shower where a small group of ladies get together for afternoon giggles, games and gossip. I thought about maybe having an impromptu brunch, but beyond that I was perfectly content to forgo the event for number two. Lastly, and to be perfectly candid, showers exist not just for celebrating, but so people can buy you presents for your impending life change. I certainly have nothing against presents, but we truly don’t need anything for this little dude because a) we’ve been incredibly lucky in the hand-me-down department and b) we got A LOT of kick ass stuff from the Norah bash that will be reused for Crosby. So a part of me felt weird about once again inviting folks to something that made them feel obligated to get us a gift. I can’t decide if that sounds utterly ridiculous or in some way will elicit eye rolls, but it’s truly how I feel.

So, a couple weeks ago Pete casually mentioned that we’d been invited to our friends’ son’s birthday party at Z-Bowl (the bowling alley–arcade-bar in Mebane) this Sunday. I thought nothing of it. We get invited to stuff in Mebane all the time, and now that we have kids of our own, we are increasingly invited to kid-centric events. Sunday arrived and the party was set for 1 PM, so around 11:30 I started getting ready. Yes, an hour and a half seems excessive for getting ready for a kid’s birthday gathering, especially since doing my hair and make-up typically consists of a quick comb through and some mascara, but I had to account for getting Norah ready as well as a trip to CVS for a card and some cash to put in it. You see, when I asked Pete what this young lad might want for a gift he said that he was told the birthday boy was saving up for a Playstation. Sounds good to me. Cash it is. Around 12:50 I entered my typical crazy-woman-requires-punctuality-or-else mode and started rushing Pete. “We have to go, we have to go, we still have to go to CVS, come on, put your damn shirt on, could you move a little faster, please?” Pete said we really don’t need a card. What?! It’s a birthday. You don’t show up without a card. Then he said, I don’t want to be the first person there. What?! Why? Because you might have to talk to your friend? He was trying pretty damn hard to keep this all running smoothly and I was unknowingly trying to make it as difficult as possible.

So out we went, got a card, put some cash in it, and headed to Z-Bowl. In the parking lot I noticed one of our friend’s cars that seemed odd to me. I didn’t think they’d be at this party, but I supposed it was possible, or maybe they were just there to bowl. Oh well. Still oblivious. We walked in and toward the back party room we saw the mom of the supposed birthday boy waving at us to come back. All still seemed normal. I entered the party room and was greeted with a booming “SURPRISE!” Still oblivious. My immediate and somewhat involuntary reaction was to throw my own hands into the air and also yell surprise. I have no explanation for this. Then this sort of rapid succession of thoughts occurred as I remarkably slowly figured out what was going on (pregnancy brain)–oh, they meant to say surprise to the birthday boy and just made a mistake. but wait, our friend knew it was us coming. and wait, all the people standing there are women. and wait, there are no kids here. and hey, that balloon says it’s a boy. OH! This is for me! I think I actually said that out loud. I was so incredibly confused, I had no idea this was in the works, and I can only imagine the contortions my face took on as I was working my way through all of that in my head. Needless to say, it was an excellent surprise.

Pizza and beer (diet coke for me) and cake and cupcakes and presents and arcade games and only one shower game which was actually really funny and most definitely not guess the poopy chocolate bar in the diaper. I had such a fantastic time! Thank you so much to my mom and Pete and all of my friends for making this most memorable moment happen. I love you all dearly!!


Elderland out. XO.

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