28 weeks

Dear Crosby,

The weeks seem to be flying by, though it’s also hard to believe we still have almost three months until your due date! Spring came early this year, following a very mild winter, and we’ve already had weeks and weeks of beautiful, warm weather. Of course Mama’s hoping that doesn’t mean we’re in for some serious dog days early as well. There’s nothing appealing about waddling around with 40 extra pounds on your body when it’s 100 degrees outside! Whatever the weather, the countdown is seriously on and in about 12 weeks you’ll officially be the youngest Elder.

In a couple days Mama will be headed to the doc for her next check-up to make sure all is grand in babyland. This time they’re also going to do her glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes. That should be the end of the tests assuming all is well, and then it’s just regular check-ups until the big day. Mama is doing well, but definitely starting to feel the “weight” of being pregnant – things are getting pretty cramped in her midsection and that makes for some fun challenges when taking on simple tasks like bending over to pick up all the things that your big sister has scattered about the house.

Our weekly updates about your growth (and Mama’s!) tell us that as the amniotic fluids reduce and you get bigger Mama will feel and see you more and more, and boy are they right! You move so much more than Norah did when she was in Mama’s tummy. It makes her laugh to herself every time she’s sitting at her desk at work and you start up with your fetal aerobics. You also like to have a little evening dance party before Mama goes to sleep and that’s super fun for Daddy to watch and feel. They say active in the womb, active out of the womb, so we’re all geared up to have us one wild little boy!

Mama is no longer running, and she’s a little sad about that, but it was just a bit too painful and uncomfortable, and she didn’t want to risk hurting herself or you. She successfully completed the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k on March 31st, albeit very slowly, and that was the end of her preggo running days. Now she stays active with walking and light strength training. Healthy mom, healthy baby! French fries and ice cream? I plead the fifth. On a final note, last week Mama experienced her first ever Braxton Hicks contraction (at least she thinks so). She never had those with Norah, so this was new and honestly a bit scary. It was definitely a contraction though, but just one, so that’s a relief. No baby yet, please!

We love you so much little man!


More snappies…



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