crosby’s tree

Two years ago, on a sunny spring evening, Pete and I (mostly Pete) planted a tentative little timber that we selected to honor our baby girl who at the time was on about week 27 of her cozy existence in my belly. Today, just one day before completing week 28 of my second pregnancy, the Elders three planted another tree. This time, of course, to honor our baby boy.

Quick update on Norah’s tree: not only is it alive, but it’s thriving and beautiful and growing strong. Two years is certainly not a great deal of time in tree existence, but our Yoshino Cherry is noticeably thicker in the trunk (don’t tell her I said that) and fuller in the foliage. We’ve taken very good care of her, including doing a bit of pruning to keep her filling out in all directions and avoid her getting too tall and wobbly. Sadly this year, with the bizarrely weak winter and other weird weather, she skipped right past the flowering stage and started popping out loads of green leaves. I hope that’s not a bad sign, but I’ll assume not because she looks fantastic and healthy! Here’s a little snappy progression:

For Crosby’s tree we decided it was important to do something a little more masculine. Silly as that may sound, we didn’t fancy the idea of frilly blossoms as our ode to the little man, so after some discussion we chose the Japanese Maple. This would be our second such tree during our life together, the first of which we had to leave behind at our last home. As it was saying good-bye to our first house, leaving that maple was bittersweet for even though we were ecstatic about our move, that happy little tree had been with us for a couple years and even survived one move. When we lived in Carrboro back in 2005, we had a small plot of dirt in front of our townhouse that was ours for the planting and we threw a few things into the ground as a first ever attempt at our very own garden. We also bought a tiny baby Japanese Maple, but for some reason decided to put him in a pot. Excellent decision on our part for it made taking him with us easy peasy when we made our move to Mebane. Here, we immediately put him in the ground because it was a proper house with a proper yard and we were certain we’d be sticking around for at least 5 years, if not longer. Of course as you know we’re now in our second house, which was just one of life’s little unexpected twists, and it didn’t seem right to uproot our maple when we moved for he was doing so well and we imagine the new owners would potentially be peeved to be minus one tree. So the maple was a perfect choice – we loved our first dearly and wanted another and it’s definitely not a girly tree.

On Saturday we went to Lowe’s and picked him out, and this morning the three of us ventured outside post delicious breakfast to settle him in to his new home. While Norah’s tree established herself right outside the window of Norah (and soon to be Crosby’s) room, that side of the house gets the most sun and maples like a little shade. So for Crosby’s tree we selected a spot on the opposite side of the house where we could see him from the kitchen window. Norah loved helping Pete plant the tree–her favorite parts being reaching into the bag of garden soil and sprinkling it in the hole and then the watering. It was simply adorable. With the success of Norah’s tree we’re much more confident about this one’s ability to make it, but we’ll still be uber attentive and caring to be sure he’s around for years to come.


Elderland out. XO.


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