norah funny

Toddlers have an amazing sense of timing and excellent delivery, and the best part is, they have no idea. The more she talks, the more Norah cracks us up, and she’s endlessly surprising us with her unintentionally humorous little quips. Of course most things fall under the umbrella of you had to be there, but still. I need to write these things down. At least for us, because I wish I could capture every dang moment and hold onto it forever! So here’s one…

Tonight before bed we had reached the point in our routine where I was holding Norah just before putting here down in her crib – light off, noise machine on, Pete still lying on the bed and us waiting for him to “g’up!” as Norah would say. Norah was facing me in my arms and playing with my hair, saying things like “hair clean” and “hair cute.” She can be so sweet when she wants to be! Pete finally got up and stood next to us, and I said “Daddy has nice hair too.” She reached out and touched it, quickly pulled her hand away and said “show show?” Hehehehhehee. That means shower in case that wasn’t obvious. Dirty hair daddy.

Oh look, a cute snappy:

Elderland out, XO.


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