24 weeks

Dear Crosby,

How fun! We get to write to you by name. Of course you’re still our little boo, but now you’re Crosby too. It feels great to have that bit of news out there and no longer have to shy away and be secretive when folks ask us if we have a name. It’s all on the table now—you’re a boy, you’re Crosby Liam, and you’re coming out into the big wide world in 16 weeks! Maybe less ;).

It’s business as usual in the world of baby growing. Putting on weight, sleeping lots, slowing down, eating constantly, being moody, feeling you kick and bump and twist and turn. You’re a little mover and shaker in there and Mama loves every minute of it. Daddy has felt you a few times too! It might just be the best part of being pregnant, though in truth all else is going super well and aside from the normal complaints of feeling a little large and lethargic, pregnancy is being pretty darn nice to Mama.

In other news Spring is here and the weather is fabulous, Mama just turned 30 (!!), Daddy did an awesome two day hiking trip with Jake (maybe he’ll post about it?!), big sister Norah is learning new words every day and everything is just plain great. Lots of snappies below!



This picture just so perfectly captures how interested Norah is in getting her picture taken.

Elderland out. XO.


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