21 weeks

Dear little boo,

21 weeks! We’re more than half way there. This is super great. Not that we want to rush anything, but we’re very anxious to meet you and Mama wouldn’t mind having her body back ;). Of course there’s no better reason to experience total physical and emotional uproar than to create a beautiful, healthy, perfect little baby. It will just be nice when you’re out in the world and in our arms. Sleeping and not crying too much, got it?

Two big pieces of news: First, you have a name! You’ve probably heard us talking about it non-stop and lucky you because we’re not telling anyone else yet. You’ve literally got the inside scoop! We’ve known for sure for about a week now and it makes us smile every time we say it. We hope you love it too, but of course you can change it if you don’t. You’ll just have to wait about 18 years. It’ll be right around the same time Daddy lets your sister start dating. We’d like to try and wait until your debut to let the world know what you’ll be called, but chances are we won’t be able to keep it a secret for long. Either way, named you are and though it hardly seems possible, we love you even more.

The second bit of news is that Mama felt you kick! She hasn’t experienced the full on baby dance party that’s sure to come, but she has definitely felt you bump around a bit in there and that’s plum delightful. This is also a bit sooner than she felt Norah, which considering the repeat presence of the anterior placenta lends even more to our guess that you’re going to be a big boy. Mama’s belly is huge – check out those snappies! Norah loves to see Mama’s belly and often pulls up her shirt just to check it out. She points and says “baby!” and “big!” and then “kiss” and kisses the belly. It’s the sweetest darn thing and even though we’re pretty certain she doesn’t actually understand there’s a baby in there, she sure does seem excited about the growing bump.

Everything is going quite well. Mama feels good. Daddy feels good too. Our next appointment is in about a week and a half and it’s just a normal check up, nothing fancy. From here on out we pretty much keep on keepin’ on, and before we know it, you’ll be here!

Love and hugs and big kisses!



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