“Hat” was one of Norah’s first words. From the moment she recognized what a hat was she’s had an adorable obsession with them. When we’re out and about and she spots someone wearing a hat, she has no fear of pointing right at that person and exclaiming “hat!” It’s acceptable and cute now but we’ll of course have to break her of this one day. In our bedroom on either side of our dresser mirror hang several hats and many a time she has pointed impatiently and anxiously demanding that we take them down for her to play with. One is never enough and as her vocabulary has expanded her emphatic “two! two!” has turned into “another one?!”, which is articulated more like narwon. Though not always keen to wear them herself, she has her moments of donning them for extended periods of time and not necessarily when necessary. Grandma Deb got her a pretty flowered fleece hat for Christmas and there was a period of a few nights when Norah wanted it to accompany her in her crib, only for us to come in to get her in the morning and find her standing up, paci in her mouth, hat on her head and blankie in her hands. Too freakin’ cute. And then recently she spotted this stunning blue beanie in a basket at the top of our closet. She pointed and demanded and of course Pete got it for her, and then she proceeded to sport it frequently both in and out of doors. These snappies were taken last Saturday morning while she pranced around the kitchen in her fancy hat, eating a banana. Love this kid!

A little side story on that hat and why we have it. In late October of 2009 Pete and I went on a three day backpacking/camping adventure in the mountains of Virginia on a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Unbeknownst to us at the tima I was actually about two weeks pregnant with Norah! Before we kicked off our adventure we went into this little church run thrift shop and they were doing one of those $5 bag sales where you can stuff as much crap as you want into a normal sized plastic grocery bag and pay five bucks. Well after selecting some sweaters and belts for me and some shirts for Pete we spotted these two wacky blue and red beanies and still had some room in our bag and so why the hell not? I guess we made a good choice!

Elderland out. XO.


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