18 weeks

Dear little boo,

Guess what? You’re a boy!! That certainly doesn’t mean much to you right now, but for us it’s stupendously exciting. We’re going to have a son and Norah is going to have a little brother, hip hip hooray! Of course we’d have been just as happy and excited to find out you were a girl, but secretly we were maybe kind of hoping for a boy, so good job ;). We found out last week at the big bopper ultrasound where they do all your measurements and peek at all your organs and look for that little (no offense) indicator of gender. They revealed that last part pretty early on in the appointment which was fantastic because we were on the edge of our seats and could hardly stand the anticipation. They said, “Okay, are you sure you want to know?” and in unison “YES!” and then “It’s a boy!!” We turned to each other and both had tears in our eyes and I’m totally welling up now just writing about it. Everything else checked out great and the doc says you look big and healthy. You’re measuring a wee bit large, 6 days to be exact, but they kept Mama’s due date as July 9th, so we suppose there’s just a small chance you’d make your debut a little early. Your big sister Norah was 6 days early and that was just fine with us!

You were quite the lively little one in there, rolling around, stretching out, putting your arms up and down and hands under your chin. It was awesome just to watch you move. We did find out that Mama has an anterior placenta again which simply means that we’ll be waiting a little longer than average to really feel you. No matter, the most important thing is that both you and Mama are healthy.

Mama is just a couple days away from 19 weeks (the snappies were Monday) and feeling wonderful. She’s sleeping well, eating tons, and all is mostly sunny in Elderland. Norah doesn’t quite know what’s going on yet – she’s still a bit on the young side to grasp the idea of Mama making a baby – but she can say brother (along with a million other things!) and she does LOVE babies whenever we see them out and about. She points and says baby and gets super excited, so we know she’s going to be ecstatic to have you around. You’re going to love it here in the world and be surrounded by people that simply adore you. Just about 21 weeks to go!

The next big thing? Your name! Daddy and I haven’t stopped talking about it since the moment we found out you were a boy. Naming a baby is kind of a really big deal so we’re trying not to rush it, but on the other hand we’re positively obsessed with making a decision and can’t wait to be able to identify with you on that whole new level. Once we know what you’ll be called we just feel like we’ll know you all the better. It’s hard to explain, but naming you will make us feel that much closer to you (as if that’s possible, being that you’re in my belly!). We’re very, VERY, close!

We love you dearly, little boo soon to be… Here’s a crazy little 3-D snappy of you in the womb!

cute little hand under the chin

Elderland out. XO.


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