15 weeks

I maybe got a little snappy happy this time around…

Dear little boo,

So much has happened in the last three weeks. We had a visit from your Papa (that’s Mama’s dad who lives in Texas), we started a new year (a VERY important year during which we’ll get to meet you!), we took you and your big sister Norah to Florida to visit with Daddy’s family, and we had an exciting second maternity appointment. Why was it exciting you ask? Because not only did Mama get to hear your very strong heartbeat (good job, boo), but she also got to see you again! It’s not typical for them to pull out the mini-utlrasound machine (I’m sure it has a much more technical name) for every appointment, but when Susan the midwife felt Mama’s uterus she said “hmm, are you sure about your due date?” Well, you’re the experts, Mama thought so she said “I guess not?” Out with the machine to do some rough measurements. This time Mama could actually tell you were a little baby and not just a white blob, and she saw your skull and spine and round little head, and boy were you dancing in there! About that head, as it turns out it’s not so little – the measurements that Susan took indicated that you were quite a bit bigger than one would expect at 14.5 weeks, but rather were measuring right at 16! Now, Mama’s not sure how it’s possible to be about a week and a half off, and Susan did say that the mini machine is not super duper accurate and it very well could be that you are just a long baby with a big head, but either way we’ll find out on February 1st! Yes, that’s right, we set a date for the big ultrasound during which they’ll check you out to be sure you’re developing properly, they’ll measure you to confim (or change!) Mama’s due date, AND they will tell us if you’re a boy or a girl. That’s less than three weeks away and we can hardly stand the excitement.

Mama feels great, as long as she gets enough sleep, and right now that means a solid eight hours a night. On the weekends she can usually grab 9 and that’s simply marvelous. She’s getting bigger by the minute and recently had to bust out the ‘ol maternity pants. We suppose being that you might just be a long baby with a big head, you need all the room you can get! But don’t worry if that is the case – your Mama is a long grown-up with a big head and she’s doing just fine in life. Mama’s still your typical irritable, fiesty preggo and poor Daddy catches the bulk of that. He’s being a total trooper though and trying his darndest to keep Mama calm and happy. One way to do that? Give her a sausage biscuit. Her preggo comestible covet is a big breakfast, and sausage on a biscuit tops the list.

We love you dearly little boo and are counting down the days until we find out a little more about who you are and can start thinking of your name!



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