12 weeks

Dear little boo,

A few months ago, we decided we were ready to grow our happy little family and give Norah a baby brother or sister. Conveniently, Mama already had an appointment scheduled with the midwives on October 26th, and decided that would be a great time to tack on a free test for any babies in the belly. When she requested it and gave them the facts, they shook their heads and said it would be way too early to tell, but Mama insisted, because of course Mama knows best. And guess what?? There you were! You being a little positive pink line on a stick. Mama was so excited she did two-handed fist pumps in the air. They told her the due date would be 7/9/12, just one day before Norah’s second birthday. Crazy cool! Immediately after her appointment she called to give Daddy the news and he was over the moon. During the next couple weeks we told some family and close friends, but waited a bit before making a big announcement, just to be sure all would be dandy. At just before 11 weeks we went in for our first maternity appointment and they did a mini ultrasound so we could find your heartbeat. You weren’t much more than a bitty blob of white on the screen, but you had a flashing little heartbeat and that made us grin from ear to ear. After that we told the world about you and everyone is super happy for us!

Mama is 12.5 weeks along now and feeling great. You barely made her nauseous at all, but definetely made her exhausted, though much of that has subsided and she’s getting her energy back. She’s been running regularly, albeit much more slowly than her pre-pregnancy days, and she’s pretty much hungry at all hours. Things seem to be going about the same as they did with baby Norah, except for one little (BIG) difference…Mama’s belly is already popping! You wasted no time in making plenty of room for yourself in there, and Mama loves her big bump. The snappy above was taken on Christmas day, just one day before she hit 12 weeks. Lookit that belly! And then take a peak at the post from 13 weeks from Norah. Mmhm.

You’ve definitely made Mama a bit of a moody, emotional mess, but that’s too not much of a stretch from the norm. She’s happy most of the time, just occasionally testy and the tears are on the ready for all sorts of silly things (commercials, random radio songs, sappy sitcom scenes, handmade Christmas presents, you name it). The only other happening of note is that Mama seems to be experiencing a super early bout of nesting. Over the holiday break she filled about 7 bags with old clothes and shoes and other stuff from our closet, and she cannot wait to get started on redoing the bedroom – paint shopping sounds simply scintillating. Seriously.

That’s all the news for now! Our next appointment is January 11th, but we won’t get to find out if you’re a boy or a girl until February. Keep growing little boo, we love you and are so excited for you to join us in Elderland!

– M&D


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