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T-minus one hour and forty-five minutes left of 2011 here on the east coast. I am totally jazzed about starting a new year. Not because I didn’t thoroughly enjoy this past year – in fact, in was pretty damn gold across the board – but I love, love, love new beginnings and change and any reason to say let’s try something different or do something better or live somehow more awesomely. Of course you don’t need to wait for a new year to do any of that, but being that it’s the quintessential fresh start, why not take the opportunity to jot down a few notes about what you’d like your life to look like in the new year? Even if it looks much the same as your current life, I wouldn’t believe anyone that says there isn’t at least one thing they’d like to change or improve. In the traditional sense, resolutions tend to be a bit too resolute for my taste. It’s a rare breed of person that can tell themselves with absolute certainty that they will or will not do this certain thing always or never again, and stick to that. Moderation is key, gradual progress is  the way to go, and so I much prefer to set goals and guidelines. even just ideas or suggestions. Example, instead of saying “for 2012, I will exercise 5 days a week” you might say “next year, i would like very much to maintain an active lifestyle.” The latter is much less intimidating and you’re far more likely to keep the dream alve without that numeric requirement waiving potential failure in your face.

So tomorrow I will do just that. Sit down with my lappy and write a post on this here blog about my hopes for 2012. Why not do it tonight? Because I’m pregnant and sober, and neither of those things lends well to staying up late. Plus hubs and my dad (he’s visiting, yay!) are watching Dickie Roberts in the other room and I can hear it and even though I can’t see it right now, I’ve sadly seen it enough times that I can actually picture what’s going on in every scene and it’s cracking me up and kind of distracting. SO! Tomorrow it is. Maybe I’ll even get Pete in on it a little since, you know, I plan on him being a big part of my 2012.

Wishing you all the happiest of new years! I hope your celebrations are smashing, but not so much so that you spend your first day of 2012 laid up in bed with gut rot and a pounding skull. Smooches!

Elderland out. XO.


12 weeks

Dear little boo,

A few months ago, we decided we were ready to grow our happy little family and give Norah a baby brother or sister. Conveniently, Mama already had an appointment scheduled with the midwives on October 26th, and decided that would be a great time to tack on a free test for any babies in the belly. When she requested it and gave them the facts, they shook their heads and said it would be way too early to tell, but Mama insisted, because of course Mama knows best. And guess what?? There you were! You being a little positive pink line on a stick. Mama was so excited she did two-handed fist pumps in the air. They told her the due date would be 7/9/12, just one day before Norah’s second birthday. Crazy cool! Immediately after her appointment she called to give Daddy the news and he was over the moon. During the next couple weeks we told some family and close friends, but waited a bit before making a big announcement, just to be sure all would be dandy. At just before 11 weeks we went in for our first maternity appointment and they did a mini ultrasound so we could find your heartbeat. You weren’t much more than a bitty blob of white on the screen, but you had a flashing little heartbeat and that made us grin from ear to ear. After that we told the world about you and everyone is super happy for us!

Mama is 12.5 weeks along now and feeling great. You barely made her nauseous at all, but definetely made her exhausted, though much of that has subsided and she’s getting her energy back. She’s been running regularly, albeit much more slowly than her pre-pregnancy days, and she’s pretty much hungry at all hours. Things seem to be going about the same as they did with baby Norah, except for one little (BIG) difference…Mama’s belly is already popping! You wasted no time in making plenty of room for yourself in there, and Mama loves her big bump. The snappy above was taken on Christmas day, just one day before she hit 12 weeks. Lookit that belly! And then take a peak at the post from 13 weeks from Norah. Mmhm.

You’ve definitely made Mama a bit of a moody, emotional mess, but that’s too not much of a stretch from the norm. She’s happy most of the time, just occasionally testy and the tears are on the ready for all sorts of silly things (commercials, random radio songs, sappy sitcom scenes, handmade Christmas presents, you name it). The only other happening of note is that Mama seems to be experiencing a super early bout of nesting. Over the holiday break she filled about 7 bags with old clothes and shoes and other stuff from our closet, and she cannot wait to get started on redoing the bedroom – paint shopping sounds simply scintillating. Seriously.

That’s all the news for now! Our next appointment is January 11th, but we won’t get to find out if you’re a boy or a girl until February. Keep growing little boo, we love you and are so excited for you to join us in Elderland!

– M&D

drawers and drawers

If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (or both, you little web stalker you) you likely saw the snappy I posted a few days ago of Norah removing every item from the pots and pans drawer in our kitchen and placing each somewhat neatly on the floor. This is pretty much par for the course these days and is, of course, standard behavior for toddlers. But even though almost every toddler in the universe goes through the drawer unloading phase, it’s clearly much more amusing and amazing when Norah does it because she’s Norah and she’s our toddler and our toddler is number one. In addition to amusing and amazing, it’s often also frustrating and irritating as she definitely hasn’t entered the drawer reloading phase and needless to say, mama and dada do a lot of picking things up these days. BUT, even after the 100th time that I shoved all of Pete’s drawers back into his drawer (I’ve completely forgone refolding at this point), I could not help but be totally tickled over what she did with said drawers after their chaotic removal…

That would be three pairs of plaid boxer shorts and one pink sippy cup artistically placed in one purple  dog dish. Did she intentionally select the three plaid pairs? Probably not. But damn that’s cute. And yes, those off to the side are blue boxers with orange basketballs. Go Gators.

Elderland out. XO.


where’s the bear?

She’s right here of course! I bet you’re all wondering what she’s been up to. Well, here’s a quick little update before I post for the first time about being preggo with number two…

Norah is awesome. Need I say more? Just kidding, don’t you worry, I’ll feed you baby birds. Norah is 17.5 months old, which is kind of, sort of unbelievable. Our baby bear will be a full year and a half in about two weeks! She is such a little person now, it constantly blows our minds. She talks. A lot. And her little voice is heart-meltingly (yes that’s an adverb) sweet and adorable, even when she’s not really saying actual words, or at least words that anyone can understand except her. She does say loads of actual words, though. More and more every day and she tries to repeat most anything we say (danger zone!), of course some things are more difficult and wind up sounding nothing like the actual word. She started saying a few things pretty early on (maybe 11 months? I’m a bad mom and didn’t write it down) like ball and baby. At a year, and for a few months after, she gradually picked up new words here and there, but man in the past couple months her vocabulary has really taken off. There are a few little oddball things that she’s coined and stuck with like “mimi” for monkey, and for some reason that we’ve yet to figure out she refers to chairs as something that sounds like toast or toes. The first time she did that was at my office. She kept pointing toward the conference table and saying “tows/toes/toast.” I was like, um, are you hungry? Do you want to put your feet on the table? But then that same day we got home and she pointed at the little chair at her toddler table and said it again. Then later, we were looking at her book of words and we got to the chair picture and she said it once more. I’m clueless. But hey! There’s something to be said for consistency. The absolute cutest thing she has just started saying? Santa. We pointed Santa out for the first time when we spotted the inflatable version of him on the roof at Lowe’s. She picked it up right away and now says it without fail whenever a Santa comes in sight, in any shape or form. It is so. Freaking. Cute.

Speaking of Santa, the other night, at Pete’s super suggestion, we went for a post-dinner walk (the temps here have been absurdly high for this time of year) and took a route that would lead us past the most garishly decorated houses. Until this year, I’d held a firm belief that gaudy, inflatable, holiday lawn decor served no purpose other than to provide excellent fodder for mockery and judgment. Now that I have a toddler, I accept that I was wrong. From several houses down, as we approached the first stop on our parade of spectacles, Norah started kicking her feet and bouncing up and down in her stroller. As we pulled up to the house, she began enthusiastically clapping and exclaiming things like “ohhhh!” and “yay!” and of course “SANTA!” There was no denying it. This was the highlight of her day, hell her week. And it made us pretty much giddy to see her so excited. From this day forward, I will allow that gaudy, inflatable, holiday lawn decor is useful. Don’t expect to see that shit in my yard though.

Anyhoo, we’re less than 48 hours away from Christmas morning and we can’t wait to experience our first Christmas with the bear where she has at least a teeny tiny bit of understanding of the excitement. Of course there will be pictures and stories to follow. Oh, and I’ve been absolutely terrible about taking pictures lately, so I decided to post a slideshow of what we should probably call outtakes from the first year or so of Norah’s life. You know, funny faces, bad hair days, frighteningly terrible shots. I’m sure her adult self will enjoy these thoroughly.

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