What a month, folks. What. A. Month. And it’s not even over yet! We still have Halloween to attend to! Norah’s first trick-or-treating adventure, which of course will be mostly for our sake and not hers, but still. It’s her first. And there will be photos for us to embarrass her with at some future date with some future date (assuming Pete lets her date in the future). We got your basic fuzzy ladybug costume and a little pumpkin pale for collecting candy. Hopefully she lasts long enough for us to at least show her off to our bff neighbors. Grandma Deb has been kind enough to volunteer to sit at our house and dole out the goods while we’re out and about. Here’s hoping we actually bought enough candy this year as we definitely ran out the last two years (our first two years in this house). We get an absurd amount of trick-or-treaters being that we live on one of the main streets in Mebane. We should totally get a clicker counter and actually tally the number of kids. I think you’d be shocked. So that’s coming Monday, but here’s a little recap of what has happened so far in the great month of October:

The weekend of October 1st Norah experienced many firsts of her own. She got her first pair of chucks! Oh my goodness this pair of shoes is simply the cutest little thing I’ve ever laid eyes on (except Norah of course) and Pete was beaming proud of his hip little baby. She also attended a good pal’s 40th birthday party with us where she experienced her first bounce house, her first bonfire, her first felt goatee and her first bowl of chili. Outstanding! She was just a wee bit afraid of the bounce house and preferred to be in Pete’s arms while in there. To the fire she said “hot!”, smart little cookie, and to the chili she said “mo!” Snappy!

The next weekend was equally eventful but more so for us grown-ups than for the the little bear. On Friday the 7th we attended my coworker/friend’s wedding in Durham and had a blast. Perhaps a little too much of a blast as we didn’t make it home until the wee hours, and got not quite as much sleep as we should have considering that the next day was all set for Pete’s big birthday partay. We can’t always make the best decisions, eh? But we powered through and come 3 PM we kicked off the 4th annual Brouwer-Elder Oktoberfest, a dual birthday celebration with our neighbors for the husbands and their October birthdays. That too was a blast and then come Sunday we simply couldn’t let the rest of the keg go to waste and so had a few people over to assist us with that. Needless to say, Monday hurt.

For Pete’s actual birthday on the 12th, a Wednesday, I was of course at work, so Pete spent a fun filled day with the bear. Then after work he and I went to a shmancy dinner in Durham. We had such a dang good time and Pete said it was truly one of the best birthdays ever. Happy times!

Later that week, Bob and Linda drove up from Valdosta to visit our happy little family. On Friday we loaded the troops in Penny the Vanagon and they took us out to another shmancy dinner. It was the first time we braved a finer establishment with Norah (another first!) and she did tremendously well. Really all it takes is to be on top of it with the distractions – armed and ready with milk, food and random objects from my purse, we kept her little mind and hands busy and avoided any major scenes or catastrophes. She actually spent much of the time smiling and saying hi to the various servers. Our little flirty ham. I mean, one of the servers did look shockingly like Ethan Hawke, so can you blame her? The rest of the visit was spent hanging out at our house, going to the park, having dinner at Grandma Deb and Grams’ house, and just enjoying each other’s company. Always so wonderful to have time with Norah’s grandparents. Snappy!

On Tuesday the 18th, I said bye-bye to most of my hair. Between post-partum hair loss and another bout of extreme shedding associated with an acne medication I was taking, my longish tresses were icky thin and I was bored with my appearance anyway, so off it went, all the way up to the chin. It looks best when I put some time into styling it, but even when it dries naturally and does weird curly, frizzy things, I’m still totally happy with it. And for anyone that didn’t already see it on Facebook, snappy!

The weekend of the 22nd/23rd was for celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday, HOO HA! She and I spent the day together on Saturday – shopping, a movie, chatty time in the car, and the dinner and cake at her house. Pete made one of her fave dishes, Jamaican Jerk chicken, and Norah helped her blow out the candles on the cake. Twas a really awesome day and I’m just glad my mom lives so close to me. A few days later Pete took her to Performance to get a new bike, woot! A shiny red one, so pretty and fun. Snappies!

Like I said, what a month! Coming soon, what has that bear been up to?

Elderland out, XO.

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