water baby

Remember that time when I said I was going to post more often thereby enabling myself to truncate myself and avoid ramblings on of an absurd length? Yeahhhh, about that. That was in February and I’ve posted all of five times since, the last of which was the opposite of abridged. Then, on our way to Tennessee for a family reunion, I had a few hours to spare (never thought I’d say that!) and wound up on the laptop writing an irritatingly long and, upon review, rather boring post because I was weeks out from my last writing and trying to cram too much into it. So I decided not to post it. All that hard work never to be read by anyone but me. You’re better off, I promise.

So instead, I’ll try to break it all down into a series of catch up posts and then maybe, just maybe, I can get on board with regular (weekly?) posting to keep you all abreast of our adventures in life.

Which brings me to…water baby! At the end of May Pete and I decided to take a three stop road trip South to visit all kinds of family and show off the unbelievably big baby bear. Our first stop was Valdosta, GA, home of Bob and Linda Elder, Pete’s dad and stepmom, Norah’s Granddad and Grandmama. We arrived on the Thursday evening (before Memorial Day) and spent some time watching Norah turn their living room into a play yard complete with amazing glass coffee table that was surprisingly baby safe and definitely Norah’s favorite piece of furniture. We had pizza by the pool and lovely conversation and then hit the hay. In the morning, I went for a somewhat miserable run (there’s nothing quite like sweating off a few pounds in 1000% humidity at 7 AM) while Grandmama fed Norah her breakfast. Post run, I hobbled my beat down, beet red body to the lanai and got ready for pool time! Norah’s first ever pool time! Pete went in first with her and then I took a turn. She LOVED it. It definitely made me wish we had easy (read: free) access to a pool close to home. Mom has made mention of reeeeaaaallly wanting one in her back yard, and even though I think a pool in NC might be more of a pain in the ass than it’s worth, it would be pretty darn awesome to be able to head on down to Grandma’s house for some summer pooltastic fun.

Our visit with Granddad and Grandmama finished up with a delicious lunch at the Country Club (thanks again, Bob and Linda!!) and then we hit the road for stop two, Orlando. Tune in next time for a little O-town recap.

Pool snappies!

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Elderland out. XO.


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