danger baby

A few weeks ago on a Saturday, also known as Awesomeday because a) I get to be with baby bear and b) the next day is not Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter),  Norah and I were playing in her room when I opened up one of her drawers to put up some clothes. She practically flung herself in my direction when she saw that open drawer. She’s a smart cookie that one; she knows that drawers and cabinets and bags and boxes all contain stuff just yearning to be free and strewn about the floor. At least that’s what a 10 month old believes. Or rather that’s what a 10 month old delights in and who am I to deny my favorite baby her delights? So she speed-crawled her delightful little chunky butt right on over to that drawer and then reached up. I watched with bated breath as she grabbed the top edge of the extended drawer and slowly got up on one knee. Then with all her might, and not a bit of help from mama, she pulled herself right up to a standing position. It’s possible that this wasn’t the first time she’d performed such a feat – being that I’m at work most days (boooooo) it’s quite likely that many of her milestones will first occur in the presence of Pete or my mom, both of whom are brilliant at keeping it a secret until I get to see it myself – but it was the first time for me and I was pleased as punch.

I like to call this photo “Oh shit! I’m standing!”

That was at the end of April and as we approach the end of May our little bear is a regular pulling-up, kneeling, standing, cruising, getting into all kinds of crap she shouldn’t, danger baby. Yes, that’s what I like to call her these days, “danger baby.” Because like all little babies she is an accident waiting to happen, and finds the most joy in the dirtiest and most dangerous things. Toilets? Good clean fun! Dog food? A tasty treat! Dishwasher full of knives? Ohhhh, shiny! She’s not even full on walking yet and we’ve already got our hands full. And we love every minute of it. I mean, look at her!

First thing in the morning, love that bedhead…

And some more climbing on furniture…

Look, Ma! No hands!

Annnnd, now we wave goodbye…

Elderland out. XO.

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