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it’s aliiiiiiiive!

Remember Norah’s tree? Of course you do. Well guess what? We didn’t kill it!

The day I noticed tiny little buds on Norah’s tree and realized that it had made it through the winter was almost as exciting as the day I was able to button my normal-nonfat-nonmaternity jeans without experiencing sharp pain where the waistband was digging into my love-handles. It’s the little things.

I really and truly wasn’t sure this little sapling was going to survive the snowy winter. The first sign of distress occurred shortly after Norah was born. Last summer was sickly hot and humid and we were maybe a little less than diligent about watering the tree because we were maybe a little busy with our newborn. The leaves yellowed and browned and I thought for sure this tree was toast. But I didn’t give up! I took charge and rose to action. I made sure those fragile baby branches and tender little leaves received a healthy drink every day. And man was it hot out there! I could tell because Pete was always sweating when he came inside. Teehee. But then Autumn came and the leaves fell off, and they did so much sooner than those of any of the surrounding trees, and rather than rationally conclude that this was because Norah’s tree had maybe 20 leaves to the thousands on the old oaks around it, I immediately panicked and put on my Polly Pessimism hat. Me: “Pete, Norah’s tree isn’t going to make it!” Pete: “What? Shut up. You’re acting crazy.” Hmm. That’s possible.

I’m not sure why I was so paranoid about killing this tree. I’ve killed a plant or two or ten before and aside from a brief moment of irritation over the wasted money and impending task of cleaning out the pot, I was generally unscathed and quicky moved on. But as explained in the original tree post, losing this tree would be outright depressing. Because it’s Norah’s. And everything for/of/about/regarding Norah should be awesome and amazing and perfect. Because I said so (ohhh, that’s so mom of me).

So here she is (yes, I’ve decided the tree is a she. just now). Alive and flowery. So excited to watch this tree grow with our baby girl!

Thanks to Grandma Deb for taking photos :).


the world’s awesomest high chair

Back in January as Norah mastered the all important skill of sitting up unsupported and began to eat solids more regularly it was determined that the next piece of baby gear we needed to acquire was a high chair. As cute and charming as it was for Pete to be the human high chair, holding her in his lap as I spoon fed her mushy goodness, it was of course impractical, because (a) there’s not always two of us around and (b) someone needs free hands to make our big people foods. And I must take a moment here to point out that that someone these days, 95% of the time, is Pete. A huge thank you to my lovey for letting me go straight to baby bear QT when I get home from work while he makes din din. So, high chair. Necessary. Duh.

We spent a bit of time perusing Craigslist, and there was certainly no shortage of used high chairs out there, but they were all just so…ugly. Or expensive. Or boring. Or tacky. Or too far away. Around this same time, I had expressed some desire for a new bed. A mostly futile desire as we’re in no place financially to be purchasing furniture, but all the same, it put a little tickle in Pete’s consumer neurons and he was on the internet hunt for beds. Of course the one I ultimately chose for my fantasy list was from Pottery Barn and cost a small fortune. But also of course, Pete didn’t let that damper his spirit and after some more searching he discovered Ana-White DIY Furniture. This chick is the queen of Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware/West Elm/Any other pricey homestore DIY knock-offs. Of course she had easy peasy plans for making the bed I coveted and of course Pete decided he wanted to make it for us. Well, we’ve not ventured down that path yet because projects are slow going these days with Norah soaking up much of our attention, BUT it did pull the cord on another lightbulb in Pete’s head. Why not make her a high chair?! Brilliant! So he poked around some more, found plans for DIY high chair on a different site, borrowed some tools from our best neighborly buds and off he went. He spent two full days building Norah’s chair and then some additional time painting it a lovely shade of turquoise. It’s gorgeous and fun and perfect, and so much better than anything we could have bought in a store. Superdad strikes again! When it was all done he took out his little dremel tool and carved into the seat bottom “For the youngest Elder.” GUSH!

He’s got the woodworking bug now, with so many things on the build wishlist including a bed, dresser, console table, end tables for norah’s room and maybe even a murphy bed! All we need are about 5 new tools that won’t cost much more than a grand or so ;). But  of course just one of those items would likely cost that or more at the ‘ol Pottery Barn, so that justifies the expense, right? Norah, we could have bought you a car when you turned 16, but we filled the house with badass DIY furniture instead! Don’t you appreciate living in a beautiful house with awesome things? Yes, yes you do. Now go ride your bike.