six months

Norah is six months old. Huwhoa! Has been since the 10th. This week we took her for her six month well-baby visit with the ped. She weighed in at 19 lb 12 oz and measured 28.25 inches. Holy growth spurt batman, she is officially off the charts for height! That’s right, our baby is freakishly tall and we think it’s awesome. In the weight world she’s in the 95th percentile; our little chunky monkey and her chubby cheeks and thunder thighs. Maybe it’s all the McDonald’s we feed her. It’s okay as long as it’s blended right? Gross. Currently her diet consists of formula and cereal, but all of that is about to change for starting this week we’ll be introducing all sorts of amazing things like sweet potatoes, oh boy! And avocado, hooray! And bananas, wheeee! (okay she’s had a bit of that before, but it’s time to get serious with a spoon). Keep an eye out for a Facebook vid of feeding the bear. Girl loves her some food. She’s her mother’s daughter no doubt.

At six months many babies are sitting up on their own, and our little bear is well on her way, but hasn’t yet mastered the skill. She’s a bit of a weeble wobble still, and I blame her slight lack of balance on her height. Short and squat equates to a lower center of gravity which makes it much easier to stay put and not flip over. Short and squat she is not, so it’s taking her a little longer than most to keep upright for more than a few seconds. We’ll be starting a basic core strengthening program complete with plank pose and stability ball push-ups in the next week or so. But seriously, we’re absolutely okay with her taking a bit longer than average to accomplish some milestones. For all other six month skills (you know, the things they put on that questionnaire at the ped that could make or break you as a parent as you bubble in “yes” or “not yet”) she’s doing super.

Socially our little bear is improving, but still not a big fan of crowds. We went through a phase about a month ago where she pretty much cried anytime anyone else held her besides us or my mom. While that was incredibly endearing (she loves us so much, and can you blame her?) it was also frustrating. People wanted to hold her, mostly because she’s awesome, and it became an awkward moment for all when immediately upon being placed in someone else’s arms, the corners of her mouth turned down, her bottom lipped protruded and her eyes welled up. During that same period, if we brought her to another person’s house where there were more than two people the breakdown was instant. This made it a tad difficult to have a social life without constantly relying on my mom for sitting. Mom of course wasn’t the least bit bothered, she loves her grandbaby dearly and would be pleased as punch to spend time with her every day, but we like to include Norah whenever possible, if for nothing more than to show off our happy little family to our friends. Attention is addictive. Thankfully, in the past week or so she has shown signs of adjustment, most recently at a play-offs/golden-globes watching partay (such an amazing combo) where she hung out for at least 8 hours and only really cried at the big fluffy poodle, Pepper, that wanted desperately to smother her cheeks with kisses. Eventually she got used to Pepper too and it was a success in my book. When we brought up the social anxiety to our ped, she said oh yeah, totally normal…babies at this age consider themselves and their parents to be one entity. Cool! And weird.

Next up we’ve got crawling to look forward to! Time to start thinking about baby proofing the house.

Elderland out. XO.


2 thoughts on “six months

  1. z

    Hey hey, babyproofing? Oddly enough, we have a kit for you. Complete with outlet plugs, etc. I think it came from one of Jeff’s customers that he was making a box for. We found it recently and are holding on to it for you.


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