staycation: day one

A couple weeks ago my boss was reviewing the payroll and he said (or rather yelled over the wall between our offices) “wow, Sarah, you have a lot of PTO, when are you going to take a vacation?” to which I snarkily replied “when I get paid more and can afford to.” Unmoved, he retorted “just take a week off and spend it with Norah.” Huh. That’s kind of a really good idea, I thought to myself. And so I looked at the calendar, picked a week and put in my request. That week is this week that’s about to start, making today the first official day of Sarah’s Staycation! Staycation, which became a bona-fide word in 2009 when added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (other 2009 additions included flash mob, locavore and frenemy), is a vacation spent at home or nearby. It’s fun, relaxing and cheap. Like! I chose this week because our office is closed for MLK day, so I get my week off work and only have to use four vacation days. I is smart. So. I have nine work free days with which I may do as I please, and one thing I please is to blog.

Day one: Though today was the first full day of my staycation, I’d say it technically began at 5:30 PM yesterday and I kicked it off by going to book club. I and most of my favorite Mebane ladies gathered to discuss (briefly) our book and consume (at length) some alcohol. This month’s selection was The Tao of Willie, chosen by KP because she loves Willie Nelson. The food theme was breakfast for dinner (Willie’s favorite meal was bacon and eggs), so we feasted on biscuits, bacon, frittata and more while we read Willie quotes, listened to Willie music and wore Willie bandanas. We drank mimosas and wine and bloody marys (maries? wow, that’s a weird one) and had a bangin’ girls night that went on until oh about 2 AM and so on my first full day of staycation I awoke a wee bit on the tired side. But I mustered my strength, brushed my teeth and made it out for a morning run with friends. It’s RB’s birthday today, so post run we came back to our house where Pete made us breakfast for breakfast, but we ate around 11:30 so maybe it was more like breakfast for lunch (hey, there’s a word for that). Either way, it was yum.

We then got cleaned up and ready for a trip to Raleighwood to visit Lisa Mays. Lisa Mays used to work at the Gallery with me and is one of my favorite people. Every time I say her name I have to sing it, to the tune of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. Lisa Lisa Lisa Maaaaayyyyss. No reason. Pete wanted to take Penny the Vanagon, I didn’t want to wait for him to transfer the car seat, he said pretty please, I said you have five minutes, he took 15. All loaded up and on our way and about a mile from the house Pete said hmm, we may have to go back and switch cars. And guess who lost her shit? Two thumbs pointed at this girl. After a few choice words, I folded my arms and put on my angry face and kept my mouth shut as we crawled back toward the house (Penny was having some acceleration issues). A hop skip and a jump from the driveway, Penny decided to be fine (turns out she was just cold), my angry face melted away and we made yet another right turn, back on the road to Raleighwood!

Lisa and her man Robyn took us for some nummy med munchies at Neomonde (hummus among us and I definitely didn’t falafel). Post nosh we needed to walk it out and let Norah sleep some in the bjorn, and so paid a visit to the Arboretum. It was a very cool place, and one that is undoubtedly gorgeous in the spring and summer when everything is blooming. Being that it’s winter and especially with the cold, wet weather we’ve had in the past week, it was quite muddy at times and icy on occasion. The last portion of our visit was to the rooftop terrace gardens which had brick paths strewn with strips of ice that just screamed caution. To Robyn, however, they screamed fun and fun he had as he ran, jumped and slid down the icy lanes. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or falls and hits their head. I didn’t see him go down, but I heard it and turned to find him flat on his back. We hurried over asking if he was okay, and when he didn’t respond things got scary. Then they got a bit scarier when he choked and we quickly rolled him onto his side (good call Lisa Mays!) while Pete got his phone out and ready to call 911. Robyn came to and groaned for us to give him a minute, so Pete and I stepped back and let Lisa hang to help him up. That shit was crazy and I’m just super glad he is okay. His jaw hurt badly and he felt a bit dizzy and nauseous from his concussed brain, but he didn’t bleed and he knew where he was and we avoided (barely) a trip to the hospital.

Robyn plays on the ice. Silly Robyn.

Pole hugger.

Shaken and stirred, we decided wine was in order, and went back to Lisa’s to enjoy a glass while Robyn iced his head, and we all laughed our asses off at Danny Devito in skinny jeans on Always Sunny. Penny brought us safely home and soon it’s off to sleep we go. I’m not quite sure that the next eight days will measure up to today’s excitement, and where the head trauma’s concerned, that’s probably a good thing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll just clean the house and watch some TV. Also showing potential for the week ahead: reading, running, bread making, more blogging, Norah documenting, crafting, movie watching, hiking, etsying (mhm, that’s right), and just a whole lotta time with Pete and the bear. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Elderland out. XO.


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