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happy sunday

Sunday is my favorite. Sunday means oodles of time with Pete and Norah. Sure there are often things to do on Sunday that might be considered less than fun – laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming, nursing a hangover – but at least we do them together. I don’t care how dirty the house is, how empty the fridge is or how blah di blah we feel from last night’s social activities, Norah is amazing. Her laughs and smiles and coos and squeals will make anything better. Our love for this little girl just keeps growing. It’s huge and it consumes us, and pretty much nothing else matters, at least not as much as it used to. I mean, look at her.

This exersaucer was a lovely hand-me-down from the Florida Elders (along with pretty much every other baby holding device we currently own). We’re lucky duckies that they popped out three fantastic kiddos before we got started on our contribution to the family tree. I have to admit that when the kaleidoscopic plastic explosion first occurred in our home, I was…reluctant? Yes, that’s the nice way of putting it. I wanted nothing to do with things like bouncy chairs and johnny jumpers. To me they were nothing more than stuff. Stuff to take up space, clutter my kitchen, gather dust, get in the way. I’ve never been a big fan of stuff. Things in your house (I swear I’ve said this before) should be useful or beautiful, and in my opinion the flashy under the sea adventure that is our bouncy chair was neither. I tried desperately to pass it all to my mom. “Take this to your house. You can use it when you watch her. We don’t need it here” (read: get this tacky crap out of here, it’s creating massive clutter and hurting my eyes). Mom, being the smart lady that she is, pretty much said no. Not because she herself was averse to the gaudy ga ga world of baby gear, but because she knew better. Of course, being the stubborn lady that I am, it took more than a few attempts on her part to convince me, but once she did…Hi my name is Sarah and I love obnoxious baby crap. The bouncy chair has been our best friend. It’s portable, small (relatively), safe annnnnnnd it vibrates! Hello? Brilliant. When it comes to keeping Norah happy long enough for us to make food, take a shower, type an email (so much faster with two hands), or do any of the other 800 things that life demands on a daily basis, who gives a shit what the device looks like? Me, no longer. Unfortunately, she’s about 3 inches from being too long for the amazing bouncy chair. Knowing that, this past Friday, I decided it was time to take it to the next level. Hello exersaucer!

She’s currently a bit too small for this deal, or perhaps just a bit too wobbly, but that’s nothing that a blanket can’t fix. Shoved in around her like a soft, yielding inntertube, it’s the perfect thing for keeping her from head planting into the plethora of smiling plastic creatures. She seems to love it. For short periods of time. She’s very grabby these days and totally into rattling noises, and she also likes that she can push off the bottom with her feet and sort of stand. So the exersaucer is our new best friend. That and the awesome baby rocking chair complete with toy dressed arch that lives at Grandma’s house. Before you know it there will be walkers, big wheels, tricycles, bicycles, and then a car. AHHHHHHHH!

Rapid fire Norah update (since we’ve pretty much failed at being active bloggers): 15.5 lbs and 25.5 inches. Coos and squeals like crazy. Reaches and grabs and holds her own hands. Loves anyone else’s hands and fingers. Smiles and giggles (see video in previous post). Strong neck and head, but not quite rolling over yet (she has, but not often). Still sleeps on tummy. Goes to bed without pacifier, usually making it 8-9 hours without bottle. Almost grown out of 6 months sized clothing (she’s 4.5 months). Cheeks for days. Possibly new hair growth (I’m still losing mine). Loves to go for hikes in the Bjorn. Days away from being out of the infant carrier car seat. Absolutely head over heels for Pete (can you blame her?). Likes small kids (again, see video in previous post). Taking an interest in the Weims. Kind of spits up a lot, but seems completely content about it. VERY intrigued by watching us eat. Happy, healthy, adorable, amazing, sweet, fun, love of our lives, perfect baby girl!


norah giggles

Norah LOVES her cousins

Warning: the adorableness of this laugh will render banal all things henceforth, leaving he who watched in a perpetual state of ennui only curable by repeat views.

But it’s worth it!

PS I promise to blog more this weekend. I’m a bad bad mommers.