whattaya mean i’m funny?

Ok, so we all know that Norah is THE most beautiful baby girl EVER, right? I mean, you’ve the seen the pictures. They speak for themselves. And let me tell you just how little my mediocre photography skills have to do with it. It’s about 99% her adorableness and 1% my ability to push the button at the right time. And it’s not just the photos, as anyone who has seen her in person would surely agree. Norah is one damn cute little bundle and really, are you surprised? She did come from us after all. It’s a give-in.

Surely I jest? Yes, yes, I do. But all joking and conceit aside, the girl is photogenic. At least we think so. And at least most of the time, but not always. For every 150 pictures I take (call that one 10 min sitting) at least half are blah and at least one really hits the ugly ball out of the park. Norah has this uncanny ability to look like a little old man, kind of like the baby from that awkward Benjamin Button movie with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Maybe it’s the no teeth thing. Usually the old man Norah snappies get deleted, but this time I couldn’t resist. I laugh my ass off every time I look at this picture and who am I to deprive the world of Elderland readers of a good guffaw?

Meet Norah the mob boss. She’s prepping for staring roles in Goodbabies and the Goddaughter.


2 thoughts on “whattaya mean i’m funny?

  1. Rebecca Brouwer

    So glad I’m not the only bad mom calling her kids ugly. It happens, it happens! Yeah, she nailed that one.


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