daddy daycare (post by pete)

I’ve been meaning to post this for the last two weeks but as all of you parents out there know, the productivity expectations of a new parent are slightly skewed in reality.

For two weeks now, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my Mondays and Tuesdays with our beautiful little Miss Norah. The first of these occasions began by sleeping in until 9:30, followed by breakfast on the back porch, a four mile run, a couple of naps (for Norah of course), and I was even able to fit in quite a few phone calls for work.  After lunch we took a field trip to the SportsPlex where Norah was eagerly babysat by the Fitness Director, Susan Clayton, while daddy was afforded a 30 minute workout. We then headed to Chapel Hill to pick mommy up for a doctor visit. Afterward Norah had her first restaurant experience at a favorite Carrboro spot, Milltown. A real treat for mommy and daddy. The highlight of the day was Norah taking a 1+ hour nap in her crib for the first time!

After day one I truly believed that I was built for Daddy Daycare! Well then came day two which started out with a bang. We were up at 7:30 and just after mommy left for work around 8:00 little Miss Norah had quite the diaper accident. This accident was one that demanded a wardrobe change and even an impromptu shower accompanied by many tears. Outfitted with a clean onesie, we ventured to the kitchen for breakfast and an unexpected barrage of work related phone calls. Norah’s loud cries were a clear indication that she did not approve of taking second fiddle to my blackberry. I was able to appease her by holding her in one arm while talking on the phone (via Bluetooth) and making breakfast one-handed. Luckily, discussing the home loan process has a lulling effect on Norah (who knew) and she quickly dozed off. The day had taken a turn for the better, so mid morning we took a jog down to the drug store to drop off a prescription for mommy. Norah continued her slumber in the jog stroller, and when we returned from the store I smoothly transitioned her to her crib for the last 45 minutes of her afternoon nap. Grandma stopped by in the early evening to say hi while I cooked dinner. Then later that night the most remarkable thing to date happened. Norah slept in her crib for 5+ hours! I was so excited that I couldn’t even sleep. The next morning I was the happiest I’ve ever been on only four hours of sleep.

So now that I have a slight bit of experience with this Daddy Daycare thing I realize that day one must’ve been Norah’s way of breaking me in easy or perhaps it was just beginner’s luck. Either way I have a newfound appreciation for stay-at-home parents and childcare providers. Only you folks know what its like to have a boss that is way younger than you that gets away with screaming at you while shitting and pissing on everything and making you clean it up. On the bright side, this little boss person makes you smile as if you had just won the lottery at least a dozen times a day.

PS: I typed this entire post one-handed 🙂

Sleeping in with Daddy

Waking up late


Just before first crib nap

Milltown with Mom

Milltown with Dad

Post diaper explosion/shower


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