memaw meets norah

Memaw came to NC to meet her newest granddaughter this past weekend. Memaw also got to spend some time with Grandma (Sarah’s mom) and Grams (Sarah’s grandma) as they were so kind to host Memaw during her visit. I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. It’s also safe to say that we definitely won’t have to worry about Norah not receiving enough maternal influence!

Oh yes, and about the Memaw moniker…though this is the first grandchild for Sarah’s parents, Norah is number four on the Elder side of things. The Florida Elders and their three amazingly adorable youngins had first go at the naming of the grandparents. Being three matriarchs there had to be three names to avoid any confusion, and so Courtney’s mom is Nana, Joyce is Grandma and Linda is GrandMaMa. While pregnant, Sarah and her mom had quite a few discussions about what she would be called and Deb always had a preference for Grandma (she has been Grandma to our dogs for 8 years). But our hope was to keep things simple and have our kids use the same names that the FL Elders use. Here we go! After some thought and much chat, Sarah said this is silly and all grandparents should be called whatever they want. If we have two Grandmas we’ll just use names i.e. Grandma Deb and Grandma Joy. But wait! Joyce’s preference was always for Nana anyway, not Grandma! But wait again! If our kids call her Nana when they’re around the FL Elders, they will think our kids are referring to Courtney’s mom! Oh noooooo, what are we to do?! Seriously. For the first two days that Joyce was here, Sarah was so amused (and confused) that every time she referred to Joyce she said MemawGrandmaNana. In the end, the decision was made (with Joyce’s approval of course) to call her Memaw. We love it.


2 thoughts on “memaw meets norah

  1. Courtney Elder

    the naming thing for grandparents is so tough, but whatever the name…i love seeing memaw hold my niece. She is mine, right? I really want to meet that baby! you look great, Sarah! I still am in shock that you are working already. I really don’t think i turned my PC on until Dylan was 4 weeks old, and even then it took me like 4 hours to write the ‘Welcome Dylan’ email. You are WORKING for real! superwoman…you now own the title.

  2. superelder

    you are too kind miss courtney! of course she is yours. and i can’t believe i’m working either. ooooof. back to the office on the 16th. sad sad sad.


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