project motivation (post by pete)

Disregard the flower beds under those weeds

When we purchased our lovely home last August Sarah and I were advised by our homeowner’s insurance company, Travelers, that we needed to install a porch railing for safety reasons. We agreed and told them we planned on placing the railing anyway for safety and more importantly for looks;) Over the past year, we’ve done a few projects to our home that commanded a higher priority than said railing. First we painted the living room and the hallway, then sanded the living room, dining room, and both bedroom floors, built a wooden privacy fence, repaired/rebuilt the dilapidated shed/garage, built a compost tumbler, replaced a section of clogged cast iron plumbing, installed picture rail moulding in Norah’s room and the hallway, decorated a nursery, had a baby and yes, we have finally installed said porch railing.

I planned to install the porch railing when the weather cooled off a bit but Travelers duly reminded us of our promise by sending a letter admonishing that our lovely home would no longer be covered if we didn’t provide photos of porch railing by August 20, 2010. I looked at the calendar and realized that we are expecting company every weekend leading up to this deadline with the exception of this past weekend. SO I was forced to work on the hottest two days of the year during a heat advisory (Index was 107 degrees on the first day and 115? on the second). I lost 6 pounds, was thoroughly sunburned and suffered from mild heat exhaustion on the first day. And I thought insurance companies only wanted your money. Turns out they are truly worried about your safety! Thanks for the added motivation Travelers!

Upcoming projects: Scraping and painting the newly repaired shed, painting the newly installed porch railing, applying clear poly coat to the newly installed fence…


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