38 weeks

Can you believe it?! Our baby girl will be born some time in the next three and a half weeks. No ifs, ands or butts about it. Of course, if she waits the full three and half she’ll be uber late and likely forced into the world with a little thing called induction, so swollen fingers and puffy toes are crossed that her big entrance happens on time. Which would be July 16th. Less than two weeks. Wowee wow. We’re giddy with excitement. The car seat is installed (gold star Pete). The crib is dressed. The hospital bag is packed. There’s nothing more to do, but wait patiently for my body to say it’s time. I get butterflies just thinking about it. Good butterflies. I’m not nervous or afraid or worried. I’m curious and anxious and ecstatic. I have only stories from other mothers and details from endless pregnancy books to tell me what it’s like, and I’m ready for my own experience, whatever it may be.

To answer the perpetual preggo question of “how are you feeling?” – good. Except that I fear I may be getting another head cold. Which is just plain odd and annoying. In my former life as a non-preggo, I rarely got sick, and certainly not during the summer. Now I’m facing off with my second cold in less than two months. Funny enough, the last one hit me Memorial Day weekend. Now here we are celebrating another patriotic summer holiday and I’m once again on the edge of puny. Last night I felt a wee bit woozy and wrote it off as general 9 month wariness, but when I awoke at 1 AM with a painful swallow, I cussed. This morning, throat still angry and nose beginning to clog, I accepted my fate. Let’s hope it’s brief. I’d rather not be coughing and sneezing through labor. There will surely be enough going on that I needn’t be troubled with excess snot. Be gone cold! You irk me.

I’m still working full time and plan to do so all the way through B-Day. I’ve felt completely fine and normal at the office, not overly tired, worn down or uncomfortable, and so can’t see any reason to begin my leave early. My leave is quite limited and I’d like to take all that time after Norah arrives. My only concern about continuing to work is the driving. I’m sure the likeliness of labor hitting hard during my commute is low, but low is something and it has definitely crossed my mind. The apprehension is not enough to keep me off the roads, but I’m being extra cautious and staying focused when behind the wheel, blackberry at the ready for a quick call to Pete. We’re at that stage where every time his phone rings and my name appears on the caller ID there’s a quickening of his heart rate in anticipation. Any call could be THE call and so I do my best not to call too often. No sense getting his nerves in a tizzy multiple times a day just so I can say hi.

Pete has been amazing. He’s working super hard on his real estate, helping loads around the house, and just beyond sweet with his attention and love – little chats with my belly are still a daily delight. He has, at moments, been a little consumed with the television, but it is the year of the World Cup and since that only happens every four years, I’ll not complain. Of course now also in the picture is the Tour de France, so I’ll lose a little more of his time to TV for the next week. Tis fine. Soon enough our lives will be forever changed and if in the mean time Pete wants to devote a few extra hours to the couch, I’m absolutely cool with that. As long as he gets his chores done first. The lawn isn’t going to mow itself after all. Hehe.

Will Norah stay cozy in the belly for another week giving us one more post and snappy before the birth story? Stay tuned!


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