36 weeks (photos at 34)

Here’s what’s goin’ down in babytown…

As you may have inferred from our utterly disappointing lack of posts, we’ve been busy. Yes, the usual excuses apply here – work, work, volunteer activities, house chores, work and more work – but in addition to all that quotidian hubbub, we’ve also been doing quite well to tackle some good old fashion nesting. I’ve been working by a new philosophy of “have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Scored that gem from a Simple Mom blog and I couldn’t agree more. There are so many things we keep around our homes that are completely unnecessary because we think we might one day need them, or because they remind us of something that happened eons ago that really wasn’t that amazing when it was happening let alone a decade later as a fleeting memory, or that just take up space because we haven’t taken the time to pack them up and move them out. I admit, it’s hard to let go of things, but when you do, when you finally say good-bye to that stack of old birthday cards that live a dark and lonely life in a box or that book you thought was fantastic but truly will never read again, you feel good, you feel cleansed, and more often than not, your home looks a little prettier for it. So my nesting takes its form in the declutter and organize attack. Pete’s nesting takes its form in the home improvement and decorating attack. He put up some great Ikea shelves in Norah’s room, found us a super deal on a glider and is working up ideas for wall decor. The baby room is looking sassy! We’ve quite a few little things still on the list of to do’s, but the essentials are covered and then some. We smile every time we poke our heads in there.

I feel pretty damn good. I’m hot and huge and starting to get occasional aches and pains in my hips in pelvis, but really none of it is that bad. I did have an unfortunate experience last week where the midwife sub we saw (all others were unavailable that day) made a mention of my weight gain followed by some rather uncouth suggestions that I watch it and cut back on not just junk food, but carbs too. She can shove it. Big babies and above average preggo weight gain run in my family and I’ve been healthy and active throughout this pregnancy. Sure I’ve consumed my fair share of cookies and french fries, but, as one good friend put it, it’s not like I’m hiding in the closet shoveling twinkies into my body on a daily basis. This woman was not my favorite, and thankfully not one I will have to see again. None of the other 5 midwives have had an issue with my weight. Like I said. Shove it.

I’m still sleeping through the night, which I understand to be uncommon at this point in the pregnancy, and I’ve so far avoided any sign of cankles (yeah, baby!). Norah is super active, which I love every minute of, and officially (and hopefully permanently) head down. Everything is great. We’re counting down the days and the excitement is epic! We’ve been doing a bit of reading about birth and labor in the hopes of getting at least a textbook understanding of how this will all go down, but also doing our best to keep our expectations in check and go with the flow. Neither of us is super keen on making a detailed plan because neither of us wants to face the drama when that plan doesn’t go exactly as, well, planned. We have some thoughts and opinions, but for the most part we trust that my body will do as it is supposed to and the midwives and nurses will be there to guide us no matter what happens. It’s going to be wonderful and amazing and scary and painful and wild and so many other things. And we’re ready.


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