baby partay

On Memorial Day weekend, we had what was surely the best baby shower of all time. The “Baby Beer BBQ Bash” as it was called began as a silly little idea in Sarah’s mind as she considered all the things she and Pete would not want from a baby shower, and that list included pretty much everything one would generally expect from such an event i.e. a small group of ladies gathering on a Sunday afternoon to teetotal and tatter about babies and husbands and other girly stuff interspersed with garish games like guess the candy bar which appears to be a nasty mess of baby poop in a diaper. No no. Not for us. We felt quite strongly that a partay to celebrate our amazing little lovely, Norah, should include entire families, not just wives, and should be an all out bash. Indeed it was. As the idea took shape and Sarah’s mom and several of her closest friends took the reigns, the Elder Baby Beer BBQ Bash became one bangin’, beautiful, bountiful, badass and babytastic event. We were truly overwhelmed with love and appreciation. We’ve made quite the home for ourselves in this little town of Mebane and would never have imagined all the amazing people we’d have in our lives when we moved in just 4 years ago. We’re tremendously lucky and Norah is going to have one kick ass hometown. Our only sadness is that more of our family from afar couldn’t be with us at the celebration. Which just means that all you out there in other states had better get busy booking some travel to to Elderland soon!


our adorable niece loves food!


so. damn. tasty.

badass bob revolution jog stroller!

PS Thank you awesome people for all you have done for us in this most amazing and exciting time in our lives. We love you all!


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