norah’s tree

About two weeks ago we planted a tree. It’s a Yoshino Cherry and it lives in our yard to the left of our house. This is Norah’s tree, and we’ll love it and care for it and watch it grow as we do all the same for our sweet baby girl. The tree is in perfect view from the window of what will be Norah’s bedroom. We had fallen in love with the idea early in the pregnancy, so when Spring arrived we (mostly Pete) did research on tree types, pricing and planting, and in late April we brought home a little sapling to join our family. I was nervous. I’ve never planted a tree before. I’ve planted most everything but, and have a winning record, but I’ve also killed plants or at least watched them die, be it by my hand or another cause. It’s always a sad moment when something you plant doesn’t make it, but this was so much bigger. The idea of Norah’s tree dying was (is!) heartbreaking. It was of the utmost importance that her tree survive and grow and be strong. Granted, Lowe’s has a one year plant replacement policy, so if the tree had gone kaput we could get a new one, easy peasy. But no. I don’t want a replacement tree. Perhaps I was treating the tree too much like it too was one of our children, and you can’t just go to the store and get a new child if the first one doesn’t work out. It has been two weeks. And Norah’s tree looks good. She gets plenty of water and sunlight, and sometimes I go out and talk to her. Happy thoughts!



watering (all i was allowed to do)


oh hi

mmmm, ball

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