easter and belly


On Easter morning we made Cinnamon Crumb Surprise, the first recipe we’ve tried from the book I got from Mom for my birthday – The Bread Bible. It was amazingly delicious and we decided that making coffee cake will now be an Elder Easter tradition.

Then Mom came over for dinner and we took a few snappies outside in the newly fenced backyard during an absolutely gorgeous Spring evening.

And because I’ve kept you all waiting for so very long…belly snappy!

25 weeks


2 thoughts on “easter and belly

  1. Courtney

    Your baby is going to be just gorgeous because she’s got great genetics in her favor! and… I just love that your sweet Weimaraner is completely unaware that you were trying to get some nice photos 🙂

    1. superelder Post author

      well thank you! and yes. graycie cares about nothing but that stick she’s about to eat. later she’ll throw it up in the house.


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