dress love (for baby!)

I want a sewing machine. I’ve wanted one for quite some time, but have put it off mostly because I’m wary of spending on money on something that quite possibly could wind up collecting dust as I repeatedly push it down the priority list in favor of things that don’t require learning. Although, I did finally tackle the great bread baking challenge which turned out to be much easier than I would ever have imagined, so perhaps sewing could be one of my undiscovered talents that I just need to give a go to. Especially with little lovely coming soon because there are endless fun sewing projects for little ones like bedding, bibs, clothes, hairbands and more. Which brings me to the reason for this post:

Hipster Swing Dress for a little girl?! Be still my heart. And I could make this?! Yes. Need sewing machine. Now.

Dress posted at Prudent Baby.


5 thoughts on “dress love (for baby!)

  1. Melanie Ball

    Would totally recommend getting a used sewing machine (Goodwill, Secret Closet, etc). For simple tasks, and oldie is still a goodie. Mine is about 20 years old and works like a charm!

  2. Mary B.

    Intense post. She is there, she hears you, and she is kicking. Slow down, calm down, so she can hear your heart beat. All is well. Mary

  3. Aunt Patti

    Looks like you and babycakes had a fabulous b-day!

    So thrilled you are wanting to take up sewing! It was so much fun making you and Dana matching dresses when you were growing up!

    Are you starting a sewing machine fund? hint hint

  4. superelder Post author

    aunt patti – hmmmm, perhaps that is something i should consider for the registry :). good thinking! i will always remember the dresses you made for us. so fun.


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