granola love

After the bread success, I decided the next attempt would be granola, which in truth is much easier to make than bread, so it’s rather strange that I chose that as a follow up, but hey, that’s just how it went down. I broke open the first of two 5 lb bags of oats recently acquired at Costco, googled up a quick recipe, and Pete and I got our crunch on. Shortly after shoving our faces with hotdogs and french fries. Grass-fed organic beef hot dogs of course. Organic hotdogs. That must be an oxymoron. Like maternity skinny jeans. But oxymorons exist or else there wouldn’t be a word for them, eh? French fries are one of my many vices. Salt in general, which is pretty much what french fries taste like. Hot dogs are something I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole until around the age of 25 when I discovered that many foods I had avoided all my life were actually fantastically delicious. Like peanut butter. Which I now consume at a rate that is surely meant to make up for the first 25 years of abstinence. So, on Monday night we ate bad and baked good.

We used this recipe from The Amateur Gourmet (minus the hazelnuts, with extra almonds, and minus the dried cherries). It was stupidly simple and took very little time, and hopefully, though I haven’t confirmed this, it was less expensive than buying pre-packaged granola at the grocery store. Even if not, it was surely better for us and without a doubt better for the world (less packaging!). It was also rather delicious, though I found myself picking the raisins out. Not a fan. Pete likes them. So we did half good. Next time, perhaps a dark chocolate concoction. Yum.



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