19 weeks

We’re officially 20 weeks as of yesterday, so this is a wee bit behind, but hey, we’re busy. 20 WEEKS! That’s half way there. Strangely, it seems both to have flown by and crept along. Not sure how that’s possible, but that’s what we feel. Like: Wow! Can’t believe we’re already half way there. At the same time as: Oh my it feels like we’ve been pregnant for so long. Of course July will be here before we know it and everyday we grow increasingly excited to meet this little lovely.

Other than steady weight gain and booming belly growth, there’s not much to report from the preggo world. We’ve been rolling along through life as usual, except that it now includes endless wonder about our baby and what she’ll be like and how we’ll do this and that as parents and a number of other speculations about the future. All things baby have moved to the forefront of our thoughts and conversations, and we’ve developed a heightened sense of awareness around all other parents and children. Often interactions with other parents lead to later conversations about how certain things played out, what was said and done, and how we feel about it. We try to plan our parenting style, and feel strongly about a few methods and manners, but also know that so much is unpredictable and will only be learned as we experience.

As was to be expected, the advice pours in from all angles. This is absolutely fine with us, welcome in fact, but that doesn’t make it any less overwhelming. Especially when we hear drastically opposing ideas. We do our best to take it all in for consideration, without allowing any one person to influence too heavily, though we do tend to find more favorable the counsel of those whose family life we admire and will be likely to emulate their parenting styles. The latest method up for discussion: Ferberizing. Pete recently had chats with a lovely woman that comes into the Sportsplex and her one piece of advice was to teach our baby how to sleep. She’s a big proponent of the Ferber Method and her children seem awesome and well adjusted. We’re doing our research and haven’t made any firm decisions, but it’s just one more thing to consider.

On that note, if you haven’t seen Modern Family, start watching now. Don’t wait, GO! This show is hi-larious. We were introduced by the Florida Elders and haven’t missed an episode. It comes on Wednesdays at 9 EST on ABC, but we just catch it on Hulu or the ABC website the next day. We have a bangin’ big TV, but during the winter the front room is just a bit too cold for Sarah’s liking and so we tend to do most of our movie and TV watching in bed on the lappy. It’s silly and small, but cozy and warm, and we love it. So Modern Family, highly recommended. In one episode the gay couple, Cam and Mitchell, were struggling through Ferberization. Cam couldn’t bear to let there adorable little daughter cry it out. Check it out (yes, sit through the initial silly little advertising clip). And that honestly doesn’t do the show justice. Give it a whirl.

Next big milestone: feeling her move! Can’t wait.


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