busy and a diddy

My oh my today was busy. I was barely at the office – morning coffee meeting with the bossman, quick trip to storage to review shelving units, baby doc appointment – so every moment there was maxed out with work galore. It has actually been quite some time since I’ve hit the stress wall and though I didn’t quite make it to impact today, I was definitely accelerating in that direction. It felt kind of good. Maybe I should spend more time away from my desk. Note to self, get up and get out. At least once a day. This could be beneficial mentally and physically. Sitting all day is the pits and leads to unsightly leg veins, possibly even serious clots. And though I do necessitate hourly trips to the loo these days, I think an actual break including some time walking around outside is a splendid idea. I say this. A lot. And then I don’t do it. It’s just plum hard to step away when I’m in a groove unless forced by actual appointments and meetings. I should schedule lunch dates, but they would have to be lunch dates for which I brought my own food because any spending on eating out is clearly not conducive to our recent goals to get the food budget in check. It would also help if it wasn’t fucking winter anymore. GET OUT! Bring me spring and warmth and outdoor dining that doesn’t command a coat and a hat and lead to cussing and snot. Did you know that pregnant women, mostly in their second trimester, produce more snot? Sweat too. Delightful!

The day started off dandy. Apparently last night, while on the phone with our buddy (and soon to be neighbor!) Tim, Pete had a convo about the best ways to commute from Mebane to Carrboro. One route discussed was Mebane Oaks to 54, and Pete advised avoiding this due to the likelihood of getting stuck behind fellow drivers that are clearly not planning to arrive anytime before lunch. After a few wise cracks about my speedy habits there was a funny about doing 45 on 54 to which Tim exclaimed “that should be a song!” And so he made one. Last night. Wrote and recorded. And it talks about me. Which just made my morning and cracked me up.

Unfortunately I refuse to pay the $20 to be able to add music to my wordpress blog and though I’m sure there’s some way to do it elsewhere on the web, I’m also too lazy to figure it out. So for now lyrics, tadah! And if you really really wanted to hear it, you could just email me and ask. sar.elder at gmail dot com.

“45 on 54”

Wake up in the morning about a quarter past seven.

Time to fire up the Civic and head out of Mebane.

Downtown Carrboro’s where I gotta be.

Peddlin’ photographs in the art gallery.

Now you think I might be used to this daily trek,

But everday I drive it has me screamin what the heck.

I’m bound to get stuck behind somebody else.

And those artsy photographs ain’t gonna sell theyselfs.

Well I’m drivin’ 45 on 54 in a 55.

Gotta find a different route to go, or I might never arrive.

Well this little Honda Civic better get me there,

‘Cause it’s the only car I got to drive.

Well I’m drivin’ 45 on 54 in a 55.

Made it all the way down Mebane-Oaks,

Managed to avoid all the slow pokes.

Feelin’ pretty good – about halfway there.

Gonna make it on time with a little bit to spare.

But as soon as 54 gets a taste of my wheels,

There’s the blue-haired lady in an Oldsmobile

Driving 10 under, maybe scared of the radar.

Maybe took a cue from Sammy Hagar.

Well I’m drivin’ 45 on 54 in a 55.

Gotta find a different route to go, or I might never arrive.

That little old lady better move out the way,

I guess she just forgot how to drive.

Well I’m drivin’ 45 on 54 in a 55.

Buckhorn, Arthur Minnus, Orange Grove Roads,

Orange county’s got a thousand different ways to go.

Dairyland, Dodson’s Cross, and old Union Grove,

54’s the biggest, how come it’s so slow?!

Well I’m drivin’ 45 on 54 in a 55.

Gotta find a different route to go, or I might never arrive.

That big ol’ tractor better move out the way,

How’d he get off the farm, and why?

Well I’m drivin’ 45 on 54 in a 55.

Tim’s band! The Monument Club! Check them out. If you’re local, go to a show. Hugs.

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